"Secret Codes That Held the Key to Bigger, Badder, Overwhelming Online Profits... Internet Marketing Knowledge Worth 100 Pounds of Gold"

I Was Tired of Settling for $1,000 Per Month...
I Was Tired of Settling for 1% Conversion Rates...

So I Started Using PHP Scripts to Market My Products!

Imagine If You Had an Expert Marketing Mind At Your Disposal... 24 Hours a Day... to Solve Just About Any Programming Problem You Ever Had...

Blitz Your Niche Market... and Extract all Profits Possible... Before Anyone Else!

For the last several years people have asked me if I offer every single marketing, PHP programming, JavaScript programming, and copywriting product I have ever released... in one place... this is that package.

It contains over 260 scripts and 60.5 hours of video training. The download size is 4.7 gigs!

Here's what you get...

Disc 1: PHP Start Pack

Get Bum Rushed by New Web Site Clients & Customers...

Are You Invisible?

Figure Out the Ins and Outs of PHP By Doing... Not Learning... With This Benefit-Packed Tutorial Series...

I would like to congratulate you on your wise decision to invest in the Five Minute PHP video package.

It's one of the best buying decisions you'll ever make in your programming or marketing career.

Before you run off to the order button, I would like to give you a chance to grab a few of my beginner PHP books at an amazing discount.

Don't worry, Five Minute PHP gives you a great introduction to PHP. With it, you will be able to write your own simple scripts, edit other peoples' scripts, and get paid to install blogs, forums, and directory scripts.

But If You Want to Master PHP,
You Need the PHP Start Pack!

The pack contains the following products:

  • Five Minute PHP: Get an amazing kickstart with PHP in easy five minute video lessons. Find out everything you need to know to make money installing, debugging, and creating PHP scripts.
  • Simple PHP Volume 1: Dig into scripts you can put in action on your web site today (quizzes, tip of the day, slot machine games, HTML autoresponders) and have fun doing it!
  • Simple PHP Volume 2: Save yourself weeks of a difficult learning curve by experimenting with templates, databases, HTACCESS, POP3 email accounts, zip files, and images... all explained in a way that's easier than you ever thought possible.
  • Simple PHP Volume 3: Now that you have a solid understanding of PHP, make some REAL PHP scripts... like an RSS feed publisher, a blog, a split tester, even a multiple choice autoresponder.
  • PaySensor 2.0: Take orders instantly and securely. Reduce the time it takes to setup a new product to 30 seconds... avoid fiddling around with PayPal buttons. Accept "buy me a beer" payments. Just set a price for your script and go.

If you bought each of those products individually from me, even at my low prices, it would cost you about 150 bucks. Because I realize that price is out of the monthly budget for many newbies, I'm willing to give you access to the entire deal for just $97.

You can definitely learn PHP with Five Minute PHP, but you will master PHP with the PHP Start Pack.

Get Started With PHP the Right Way...

With "Five Minute PHP!"

You'll learn about arrays, special variables, functions, cookies and sessions... the basics you NEED to know if you are ever going to do anything with PHP.

You'll see exactly how to write simple scripts like a password protected page... you'll see how EASY it is to get going with PHP.

I keep the cameras rolling even when I screw up, so you can see exactly how I solve common problems – 95% of the time, it's something simple. Think like a programmer and save yourself tons of time.

I'll show you how to connect to a database for the first time and run a few simple queries – this is INVALUABLE if you want to become a paid script installer and get a few extra dollars for a little bit of work.

It all comes explained with video.  Every session is only five minutes long, so if you're waiting for your wife to come home or a commercial break comes on while you watch Oprah... you have time to pick up a few PHP skills to become a script installer, freelancer, or just want to spice up your site.

Price if bought separately: $29.95

Increase Conversion Rates and Make More Money With "Simple PHP Volume One..."

Continue your PHP journey and get the hang of a few practical PHP scripts to make your web site stand out!

Personalize your site for increased sales, and send follow-up autoresponder e-mails in text OR HTML.  Setup "tip of the day" and "random quote" scripts on your site... it applies to ANY niche!

Read and write files, create quizzes to test knowledge, heck... you even figure out how to create a very bare-bones affiliate program that reads information from a text-based database, and plugs it into a normal HTML page.

If you can copy and paste, you can learn some Simple PHP.  You won't believe how quickly you pick these skills up.  You'll have FUN doing it, too.

This first volume also contains 17 how-to videos.  If reading the book wasn't enough, and messing around with the scripts on your own wasn't enough, you have a comprehensive video of me starting from scratch and using the scripts myself.  It couldn't GET any easier.

Price if bought separately: $29.95

Learn Some Crazy PHP Tactics with "Simple PHP Volume Two!"

Once you've got the basics of PHP down, I'm going to show you how to do some crazy stuff.  Don't be scared... this isn't like with print books where they will get you into XML processing, Java applet integration, web services, namespaces and other confusing stuff that you'll never use.

Instead, we jump in head first with HTML templates and show you how to get a huge productivity boost by separating your PHP code from your presentation which means you write scripts faster, can edit them later without difficulty and you can even hand them off to a designer to "pretty" the appearance of the scripts... even if they DON'T know any PHP code.

In volume two you figure out how to connect to any mailbox to clear out spam messages or accept autoresponder subscriptions via email.  Someone sends something to an e-mail address... that message automatically ends up inside YOUR PHP script... cool, right?

That's not all.  You find out how to setup a script to send an e-mail report to you when there's a big gaping "404 not found" hole in your site.  Did you misspell a link or forget to upload a page?  You'll find out the INSTANT someone gets lost... so you can fix it and recover lost sales and visitors!

That's not even the tip of the iceberg.  With Simple PHP Volume 2 we also dive into creating images and zipping up files automatically, using PHP.

It's ALL explained in super-easy and FUN "how-to" terms instead of the boring schoolbook format you might be used to.

Volume two does not come with a set of videos, but it still contains the scripts and e-book. If I create a video series for Simple PHP Volume 2 in the future, I will provide you with a free upgrade to the video package.

Price if bought separately: $29.95

Bring it All Together With "Simple PHP Volume Three!"

If you have bought any of my products before then you know that I am definitely NOT the type to teach you a bunch of cool stuff and then leave you high and dry with no idea how to use any of it in the real world.

Create a simple blogging script so you can easily publish content.

Produce RSS feeds so people can subscribe to your updates and rush back to you any time you make an update... without dealing with spam filters, and hook it up to ANY script or database.

Split test your pages so you know what parts of your web pages you need to change to guarantee the maximum number of sales possible. Create a simple member's area so you can share private information in a mastermind group or discussion board.

Whip up an autoresponder where someone can choose which e-course of yours they want to receive. Send your prospects the exact pieces of information they want!

You'll find out about all this and more, in the exciting conclusion to the Simple PHP three-volume series.

Price if bought separately: $29.95

Automate Your Product Delivery, Make It Easy-As-Pie to Get Paid WITHOUT Hiring a Virtual Assistant, Offer an Unlimited Number of Products and Start Selling Three Minutes from Now... with PaySensor 2.0!

To round this entire package out, I'm giving you a script that hundreds of others have used to start selling products on the Internet quickly and easily.

PayPal is the number one choice by internet to accept credit cards... the only problem is you have to sit at the computer and reply to every e-mail. Sure, you could create an "encrypted" button but that's time consuming -- and it's easy to miss a step.

PaySensor 2.0 makes it so simple. Once it's setup, you set a price for your product... say 12 dollars. From that point on, any time somebody sends you EXACTLY 12 dollars, the script replies to the buyer within seconds and sends them their product. No more work is required on your part!

What's your hourly rate? $20, $30, $50, $100 per hour?
Why are you wasting your money delivering products by hand?

Have you ever sat down and counted the number of hours it takes to deliver a single product to every customer by hand? Would you pay $30 to get those hours back?

I'm giving you that chance now.

Price if bought separately: $30.00

Now that I've taken the time to explain my offer -- Five Minute PHP, to get you started, plus three Simple PHP volumes of more in-depth training, plus PaySensor, a payment script so you can get your storefront quickly -- I hope you'll take advantage of this generous bulk discount.

Total value: $149.80
Your Price: $97.00
You Save: 35%

Disc 2: PHP in a Box

Congratulations! You Have Just Stumbled Upon A Killer Home Study Course That Surgically Removes the Headaches From Product Development & Outsourcing, Sales Page Strategies & Marketing!

Robert Plank Has Released The Ultimate Road Map To Software Development And Internet Marketing Dominance -- "PHP in A Box" -- At A Price So Low You Don't Even Need To Read The Sales Letter!

Let's face it... we all have things we are and aren't good at.

Software product development? Web page setup? Outsourcing management?

Most of us don't have a clue, know someone who is 10 times better, or could become better at these things ourselves. To to help you harness the power of these people, I've developed the home study course "PHP in a Box"!

  • Don't know how to program? No problem, three of the courses in this package will get you jumpstarted to your own simple web site scripts and sales page tweaks that you can apply today -- you don't need to spend weeks learning to program.
  • Don't even want to touch the code? That's perfect. Three of the courses in this package are all about outsourcing, drafting a blueprint to deliver to freelancers, how to post a project and keep from being ripped off.
  • Only care about marketing? These guides were written with Internet marketers in mind, so you will figure out how to get inside a programmer's head -- and vice versa, if you are just a programmer clueless about Internet marketing!

If you are a newbie, there is no excuse for failure as long as you apply at least some of the advice in this mega-package.

If you are a veteran marketer, there is no excuse for neglecting to put this content into action.

If you can augment your online income by even 1 percent this year, the advice I'm giving you is more than worthwhile.

Just think about this for a minute...

  • If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you are going to need to know how to write your own scripts and software.
  • If you outsource, you are going to need to understand on a basic level, where your money is going and what the programmer is up to.
  • If you market products online, sooner or later you are going to want to tweak your sales pages.

Here's How My Video Tutorials Work...

  • You watch a simple video (it's as easy as watching TV) where I explain a script and set it up...
  • ... you follow along like a trained monkey and install the script, included in this package...
  • ... if you STILL want to make some crazy changes to the script, it's explained in detail in the attached PDF e-book.

PHP in a Box Item #1: Black Hat PHP

Legendary PHP Programmer Breaks Down "Hiding-In-Plain Sight" High-Reward Sales Strategies, Overlooked By Even the Most Seasoned Internet Marketers!

Unlike Other "Black Hat" Advice, It Won't Get Your Site Shut Down, Won't Waste Your Time Chasing False Leads Such As Spam, YouTube, Ringtones, CPA Offers, or AdSense... He Focuses On What Really Works!

  • Add A Reminder to Visitors' Calendars With One Click to Get Them to Come Back to Your Site on A Recurring Basis
  • Integrate Any Third-Party Payment System with Any Third-Party Mailing List!
  • Are You Leaking Traffic? Plug Those Leaks and Avoid Newbie Site-Building Mistakes
  • Re-Capture the 40 Percent of Your List That Never Receive Your E-Mails... Because They Failed to Confirm Their Address!
  • Use Multiple Sales Letters to Leverage More Profits From Affiliate Traffic!
  • Subconsciously Connect With Your Readers In A Subtle Way That Keeps Their Attention Long Enough to Hear Your Sales Message...
  • Reward Top Affiliates With Passive "Loyalty" Income By Ensuring That No Traffic Goes Unclaimed!

File Size: 147 megabytes
Runtime: 120 minutes of video
Source Code: 7 PHP Scripts
PDF e-book: 53 pages
Retail Value: $39.95

PHP in a Box Item #2: Lightning PHP

Finally! Transform PHP and mySQL From An Unrecognizable Foreign Language To Simple, Plain English!

Write Quick Scripts For Your
Content Sites, Sales Pages, and Member Areas...

PHP Wizard Robert Plank Takes You By the Hand Step-by-Step With "Lightning PHP"... Introducing 7 Action-Packed Videos That Show How to Use Databases With Your Web Scripts!

  • Get up and running using PHP, mySQL, and PHPMyAdmin on your web host in about ten minutes, then you can make your list (mailing lists, products lists etc) in mySQL so it is easily maintained, sortable, and changeable by your PHP scripts. (18 minutes 25 seconds)
  • Discover how to tag traffic any deliver a very detailed personalized paragraph to any person OR group! (21 minutes 10 seconds)
  • Redirect traffic, track ad campaigns and throw together quick and easy split testing scripts for tweaking your copy! (14 minutes 58 seconds)
  • Track who submits your forms by logging all transactions to a permanent database. Hint: If you master this chapter, you will know how to present anything from a database as an HTML page with a few cut-and-pastes! (11 minutes 44 seconds)
  • Plug in this secret script to a authority site, review site, or any kind of static content site and keep it running on autopilot, freshly updated for the search engines on a daily basis. (Without RSS or JavaScript news feeds.) (16 minutes 46 seconds)
  • Moderate content submitted to your site by users to prevent spam and keep you in control. (15 minutes 13 seconds)
  • Easily tweak existing scripts and database designs to make them more user-friendly, faster, and easier to maintain. (17 minutes 17 seconds)


File Size: 107 megabytes
Runtime: 120 minutes of video
Source Code: 7 PHP Scripts
PDF e-book: 63 pages
Retail Value: $39.95

Once You Know How to Setup Simple Web Pages and Add A Little Bit of PHP Flavor to Augment Your Sales Efforts, You Can Branch Out Into Site Building!

Build content around the product you are selling -- no matter what the niche -- and jump light years ahead of your competition by making your site sticky and defending yourself from lost sales.

PHP in a Box Item #3: Impact PHP

Literally Peek Over Expert Programmer
Robert Plank's Shoulder As...

He Takes Your Web Site Up To
60 Miles Per Hour with Seven
Never-Before-Seen Unique Web Scripts!

In Just A Few Short Minutes of Video,
Your Web Sites Will Never Be the Same Again!

If you have a web site, and you're not harnessing the power of RSS, AdSense sharing, list co-ops, and refund managers, you need help.

Are you afraid of the PHP programming language? Do mySQL databases give you terrible nightmares and headaches?

None of that matters anymore because you found me, you found these scripts, and you found these videos. Believe it or not, PHP is easy, fun, and will save you a ton of time in the long run.

  • Add a line of defense between you and serial refunders, cut down on refunds and limit the number of copies of your product floating around on the Net. (15 minutes 50 seconds)
  • Block refunders and AdSense click-attackers based on IP address. (11 minutes 6 seconds)
  • Joint venture with others and run list building co-ops that are CAN-SPAM and Aweber compliant -- this is important! (17 minutes 23 seconds)
  • Stop spam forever by adding a security code to ANY form-mailer or message board. (13 minutes 16 seconds)
  • Share AdSense profits with your visitors to keep your article directory or forum packed like sardines with visitors. (11 minutes 38 seconds)
  • Add RSS feeds to your site to keep it automatically updated and ranking high in the search engines. (7 minutes 16 seconds)
  • Combine other RSS feeds with your own, and inject ads into them for fun and profit... but mostly profit! (14 minutes 38 seconds)

File Size: 90 megabytes
Runtime: 91 minutes of video
Source Code: 7 PHP Scripts
PDF e-book: 60 pages
Retail Value: $39.95

Once You Have Multiple Sites Setup, You Are Going to Want to Automate Them and Make Setting Up Camp in a New Niche As "Push Button" As Possible...

If you plan on achieving any kind of success online you are going to need to start treating your Internet sites as a business, not a hobby.

Remove the guesswork from your steadily growing content empire by automating idea generation, page recommendation, calls-to-action, search result landing pages, and more.

PHP in a Box Item #4: Push Button PHP

Alert: You Are Looking At A $1000 Bill
Disguised As A Web Page!

If You Used One PHP Sales Script From the Package I'm About To Show You, and That One Small Change Brought In An Extra $20 Sale Every Week For The Next Year,
Would You Consider That A Worthwhile Investment?

"If You Can Copy and Paste, You Can Enhance Your Web Sites Today And Throw Your Monthly Income Into Overdrive, With A Couple of Easy Painless Tweaks!"

It's official: Web programming isn't just for nerds anymore.

Did you know that with the scripting language PHP, you can take little bits of code and paste them directly onto your existing web pages?

(No compiling, debugging, transmogrifying, or super-cali-farting required!)

Did you know that every day, more and more Internet marketers and site builders (your competiton) are picking up just enough tips to make small web site changes, exploding their conversion rates? (Higher clickthru rates = more sales.)

Did you know most of these tips are so easy, even a 5 month old cross eyed monkey could implement them?

I'm Robert Plank, computer science college graduate, eager to show you, in seven action packed videos, how to use PHP to amplify your marketing and site building efforts.

This package is called "Push Button PHP" and contains videos, an e-book, and PHP source code. You can upload the scripts and plug them right into your web site.

In A Few Moments, You Will See My Desktop,
And Spy On My Every Move As I Show Exactly How To...

  • Hide your ulterior motive at the bottom of sales pages with a stealth opt-in, why it's so important, and how you can avoid screwing it up! (7 minutes, 36 seconds)
  • Link your pages of content together with a random link generator ... but it's no ordinary link generator! Hint: even a product site or affiliate site can benefit from a little bit of content! (8 minutes, 57 seconds)
  • A simple, perfectly legal technique to boost Clickbank gravity ... increase your site's ranking in the Clickbank marketplace and attract the attention of the super-affiliates you deserve! (7 minutes, 6 seconds)
  • Discover a unique twist on advertising -- rollover text ads -- a subtle but deadly combination used on a handful of popular, high traffic Internet sites. (9 minutes, 18 seconds)
  • Tokenize direct response web sites, become a mass producing cookie-cutter site building machine, and run price tests on hundreds of your sites at a time, in seconds, with a mass price changer! (4 minutes, 12 seconds)
  • Read your visitors' minds with little survey machines! Create your next product, decide what niche to pursue, and gather testimonials with NO WORK on your part. This is some crazy voodoo stuff! (15 minutes, 38 seconds)
  • Throw together a massively responsive win-win sales letter with a "What Are People Searching For" script that changes based on the keywords your visitor was searching for when they found your site. (10 minutes, 21 seconds)

File Size: 67 megabytes
Runtime: 63 minutes of video
Source Code: 7 PHP Scripts
PDF e-book: 44 pages
Retail Value: $39.95

When You Travel Cross-Country, You'd Be Foolish To Embark Without Directions!

Allow expert project manager Ed Charkow to keep you from getting lost and out of trouble, completely informed and up to date with the essentials you need to know when paying someone more capable than you to develop your product.

PHP in a Box Item #5:
"Speak the Geek ... And Get The Most Bang For Your Buck!" by Ed Charkow

Outsourcing Is An Excellent Idea!

It's not just an excellent idea, it can catapult you to internet success.

  • How many times have you seen something on the internet that could be better?
  • How many times have you said, "I could make a fortune with something like that."
  • How many times did lack of knowledge stop you from turning your conceptual idea into a profitable reality?

To make those ideas a profitable reality you need someone to actually do the "geek" side of things.

That includes programming, HTML, coding, copywriting, technical mumbo-jumbo, and all sorts of stuff that "normal" people have little desire to learn. I've given you a step by step geek manual.

  • I'm going to take you by the hand and explain to you exactly why using affordable freelancers to make your ideas come true is one of the best choices you could ever make to grow your business.
  • Then, I'm going to take it a step further though, and teach you the Geek Speak that you DO need to know.
  • I'm also going to give you my secret resources for getting programming, design, and even content created efficiently and effectively.

Contents: 40-page PDF report
Retail Price: $39.95

Can Site Building Get Anymore "Plug-n-Play" Than This?

You have the product created and bug-free, you know what marketing strategy attack plan you're going to put into motion, but what good is any of that without a web site?

With a set of pre-made PHP sites, you don't need to pay an expensive web designer to get your simple web sites setup. You also have almost no waiting time because, thanks to the included videos, anyone can get a new site setup in just a few minutes.

PHP in a Box Item #6:
"5 Super-Charged PHP Web Sites plus How-to Videos" by Gary Evans

The Mission: To create an easy-to-manage PHP template that anyone (no matter how literate or illiterate they are) could pick it up, change a few of the settings and whizz off and start working on their content.

The Result: A professional website that always looks good and is effortless to add and change content. And I've done exactly that!

What if you could ...

  • Setup A Biography Website
  • Setup A Membership Website
  • Setup A Custom Blog Website
  • Setup An Online Course
  • Setup A Content Rich Mini Website
  • Setup An AdSense Website

... all in 5 minutes or less!!

Would You Like To Save Money By Having A Way To Setup Websites In Less Time Than It Takes You To Eat Your Breakfast?

What if you could get your grubby hands on powerful PHP sites which:

  • You Could Use Even If You Don't Know Any HTML
  • Will Always Make You And Your Company Look Better Than The Rest
  • Give You More Time To Create Content
  • Streamline Your Website Creation Process
  • You Cannot Mess Up The Design
  • Are Already Adsense Ready
  • Have A Ready-To-Go Contact Form Already Installed
  • Have An Aweber Ready Newsletter Form

Would you be interested in something that can do all of this, and MORE?

YES! Then you will love my unique "PHP Web Sites"!

Retail Price: $25.00

It Doesn't Matter What Niche You Are In, Sooner or Later You Are Going to Need A Related Software Product to Teach an Idea or Make Someone's Life Easier

Here are the three keys every software superstar uses:

  • Start with a List Of Powerful Software Ideas. All killer software starts with the seed of great idea. The challenge is coming up with the next killer app idea...
  • Get Someone Else To Write The Software For You. To succeed in the software business, you can never ever write a single line of code! (Sounds silly, doesn't it?)
  • Use Hot Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Software Online! Too many software companies flounder by not using successful marketing strategies that the companies who are getting rich use.

PHP in a Box Item #7:
"Software Success Starter Kit" by Ben Prater

The Ultimate How-To Kit for Creating Software Even If You Don't Know The First Thing About Programming!

Have you ever wondered how you could create a wealth building empire that runs automatically, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year?

Expert marketer and programming genius Ben Prater has examined and tested dozens, perhaps hundreds of money-making opportunities. But none has made him as much money, in short-time as creating Software!

Special Report: "The Great Software Idea Cookoff!"

  • This will be your idea generation center -- when you need a hot software idea you will be armed with this guide...
  • The perfect guide to kickstart your brainstorming sessions when looking for the perfect software idea.
  • Dozens of hot software ideas culled from a mailing list of over 15,000 software developers.

Special Report: "Elance Secrets Exposed!"

  • Getting programmers to put together your software for pennies on the dollar will be simple when you have this guide on your bookshelf...
  • How Ben turned a $250 investment in a software project into $3,000 in sales in the first week thanks to the invaluable advantage of outsourcing.
  • The three keys to successful Elance projects covered in gory gruesome detail.

Special Report: "Software Marketing Cookbook"

  • When your software is ready-to-go, your cookbook will be your point man for strategies that will allow you to reel in tons of cash — in days!
  • Get a head-start in beating the competition in the game of selling your software!
  • A step-by-step guide that you can use to find the people who want your software AND THEN sell the heck out of your software!
  • Discover what millionaire software developers are doing today to find the success they've always desired!

Special Report: "How I Launched a Software Product and Made $4,682 the First Five Days!"

  • Let Benjamin's small project inspire you as you embark on your first projects.
  • Ben Prater's 5-day low-impact techniques to net over $4,500 with just this one software product!
  • Ben talks you through the exact process he used in coming up with the idea, getting the software written and making money from it.

Plus 5 More Special Reports...

  • Complete Project Checklist! You'll never have to wonder what you should work on next — your checklist will see you through each stage of your project...
  • 5 BluePrint Templates. These templates make it as easy as "paint by numbers" to create your own software. This is the first time I've ever made these available!
  • 4 Project Samples. Take a peek at several of the projects Ben has worked on, his thoughts, methodology and secrets to building software that sales!
  • Complete 30-Page Sample BluePrint. This complete sample blueprint will take you from beginning to end of a successfully and quickly developed project!
  • Sample Contractor's Agreement. Stay far away from legal trouble with this personal agreement!

Contents: 9 special reports
Retail Price: $147.00

PHP in a Box Item #8:
"Dirty Internet Marketing Tricks" by Simon Hodgkinson

Did You Know That You Are Being Tricked Every Day You Go Online?

It's a Fact! Internet Marketers Are Using "Dirty Tricks". (Although Many of Them Won't Admit to That Fact.)

Still, it's the truth! Some of them may not even realize they're using them. But some of them DO know. And it's the smart ones who are raking in the cash daily...

What is a "dirty trick"?

Well, that's easy. It is a crafty strategy used by people everyday to get a desired reaction out of another person. Or at least that's my take on them.

When you think of these words, you may think "rip-off", "unethical", or "illegal".

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. The tactics explored in this report are NOT illegal. They are NOT unethical. They are NOT designed to rip people off.

But they ARE a lot on the "crafty" side.

Crafty or not, the point is THEY WORK. And if you're NOT USING THEM, then you're LOSING MONEY.

So, why did I call this collection of tactics "Dirty Tricks" then? Because they are psychologically "sneaky". They scream out. . .


  • Discover the trick you can use to get people who actually hate you to buy your products!
  • How your biggest ever mistake can generate more sales than ever! (The bigger the goof the better.)
  • The secret to turning a basic human response to your favor for increased profits.
  • Junk the idea of providing good customer service! You'll discover how a "don't give a damn" attitude can get you more orders!
  • What (normally vital) piece of information you should actually leave off your sales page that can get your order now button clicked more!
  • The dirty trick you should be using on everything you sell. You are losing sales by ignoring this powerful strategy.
  • How to sell more products faster. Use this trick effectively and pull in more orders than you've ever done before. (5 and 6 figure incomes are being earned every month by marketers using this trick.)

PHP in a Box Item #9:
"Software Success Live!" by Ben Prater

This is a live video-based presentation Ben Prater gave at a recent seminar where he discussed how amazingly simple software development could be.

You'll even see live demonstrations of how quickly software ideas can come out of live air!

Attendees paid $1400 to get in the doors of this seminar. It would sell in DVD form for a fair price of $47. You get it for free because it's included in this package.

What Am I Getting Exactly?

This hefty package contains...

  • Six full hours of Robert Plank's step-by-step PHP video tutorials.
  • Black Hat PHP which sells for $30 at full price... accompanied by a bonus e-book explaining each script and full source code so you can plug them into your site instantly.
  • Lightning PHP, the no-nonsense guide to jumping headfirst into databases to moderate content, create an instant authority site, tag traffic and track ad campaigns.
  • Impact PHP which shows you how to take your marketing and site building to the next level, by using AdSense, RSS, and list building.
  • Push Button PHP which shows you some really crazy ideas like hiding your call-to-action, changing the page based on what kind of traffic arrives at your site, running surveys to seek out your next product idea, and more.
  • Speak the Geek to get your products developed efficiently and affordably, and so you know what language to use when dealing with others.
  • Super-Charged PHP Web Sites that you can plug in and use to create any kind of site you want.
  • Software Success Starter Kit so you can pull fantastic product ideas out of thin air, find the best freelancers to create your software, market the heck out of your finished product and develop and unbreakable network of affiliates!

Can't I Just Buy These Products Separately?

Sure you can... but I'm offering a 75% savings compared to you buying each product separately. See below:

  • Black Hat PHP: $39.95 (included)
  • Lightning PHP: $39.95 (included)
  • Impact PHP: $39.95 (included)
  • Push Button PHP: $39.95 (included)
  • Speak the Geek: $39.95 (included)
  • Super-Charged PHP Web Sites: $25.00 (included)
  • Software Success Starter Kit: $147.00 (included)
  • Software Success Live: $47.00 (included)

Disc 3: Sales Page Tactics

Your Sales Page Not Converting Like It Should? If Not, Then Here's Your Access To...

An Onslaught Of PHP Scripts, Codes, And Tactics That Are Guaranteed To Whip Your Sales Page Into Shape And Transform It Into A Prospect-grabbing, Cash-Sucking Machine

The Key To Winning Online Is To Have A Better Game Plan Than Your Competitors, Which An Ordinary Sales Page Just Can't Do, So...

The Master Programmer That Top Marketing Gurus Have Relied Upon For Years Behind The Scenes To Bonify Their Sales Pages Is Now Coming Out Of Hiding To Expose You To Sales Page Tactics That Can Make You Hundreds To Thousands Of Dollars Richer Each Day...

  • Even if you've tried to make money online in the past and have failed at it
  • Even if you don't have technical skills
  • Even if you've never sold anything online before
  • Even if you know absolutely nothing about PHP scripts and codes right now
  • Even if you've already established a steady online income, but want to get to the next level of success without hiring more staff to get you there

I'll tell you exactly how you can accomplish or overcome all of these obstacles in a new, revolutionary package that makes Internet marketing simply a breeze for you. I'll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Robert Plank, and for more than 7 years I've been an industry insider programming scripts for leading online marketers and in that time I've seen literally thousands of "hidden code" strategies the online big guns use to increase their sales.

Today, I'm going to open up a can of worms for you that will literally piss off some these big guns. But I believe that everyone should have a fair shot at making an above average income online, so I'm going to spill the beans to you anyway!

And once you put to use the things that I'm going to reveal to you...

You'll Perfect Your Sales Page, Increase Your Conversions, & Finally Be Able To Win The Marketing Battle That Will Have Your Competitors Surrendering To You!

Let's face it: You want your sales page to be perfect and you want it to succeed. And a few sales here and there isn't exactly your idea of succeeding. No, you want lots of sales, day after day, month after month, year after year.

The problem, however, is that getting that to actually happen for you has been a tough road. But don't worry, it's not your fault! The majority of marketers at some point experience the same thing you're experiencing right now, so you're not alone.

But I do want you to know that there is an answer! And in a second, I'm going to tell you exactly what it is, but right now, you must realize that if you have a sales page for any niche, you have to declare war and to win any war, you must armor yourself with everything you need to win and once you do that.......

You'll Gain A Tactical Advantage Over Anyone In Your Niche!

Having a plain old sales page, regardless of how great the copy and web design is, simply isn't enough. The job of sales copy is to help persuade visitors to your site that what you're offering is what they need and the web design is there to provide your product or service with a professional look and feel.

Often times, visitors merely skim over the copy and leave without giving your message a chance. Even if they do decide to buy, for most marketers, maybe even you, this is where the road ends, meaning only one sale.

Just imagine if you could just copy and paste an PHP script or code into your sales page that would allow you to:

Do this...

Include An Exit Page Script that explodes your sales with exit pages to capture emails or give your prospects another chance to buy.....Nine times out of 10, this extra push is all they need to pull out their wallet and buy from you.

Or this...

Install An Interruption Pop Over Script that's very popular with online marketers for one reason only......they work. And you'll be able to get them to work for you by capturing the attention of prospects right when they're about to leave your site-but you'll catch them, entice them and at least get their contact information for the possibility of later sales, so you don't walk away empty handed.

Or this...

Include A Dime Sale Script that enables to create urgency by starting your sales off at an insanely low price and gradually increasing the price as time goes on. Everyone wants the lowest possible price, so with this, you'll have visitors to your site ripping their wallets open to buy from you.

Or this...

Input A PayPal Script in case people who buy from you don't click on the return to merchant after they pay using PayPal. With this script, you won't have to worry about that any longer because you'll be able to instantly send your customers to your thank you page, where they can download your product and if you're smart, you'll upsell them on more products to buy while they're in the buying mood-You'll get 2,3,4, even 10 times more sales this way. 

Unsolicited Testimonial:

Just wanted to say thanks. I went for the whole enchilada (that's a lot of scripts) and glad I did. I haven't been through everything yet but you are right about the value whichever you decide to buy.

I like the videos. You don't just offer the script but show variations on how the script can be used and little tips thrown in here and there.

This is much better than I expected it to be. I don't know why. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased from you. Enjoy your new house you earned it.

John Collins
Norristown, PA, USA

And those are just scratching the surface--You'll have dozens more that you can use! And once you use them, you'll:

  • Squeeze every single penny out of your sales page that's rightfully yours
  • Finally have PHP scripts, codes, tools, and knowledge that top marketing gurus use to drive in sales 24/7
  • Perfect your sales page and prevent sales from falling through the cracks
  • Instantly increase your conversions by 1-7% literally overnight
  • Have access to scripts, codes, and more for dirt cheap
  • Avoid having to hire expensive programmers to insert codes and scripts for you
  • Be able to do it all on your own even if you have no clue about scripts and code. All you have to do is copy, paste, and you're good to go.

Unsolicited Testimonial:

Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for these updates to Sales Page Tactics Volume 1,2 and 3!

I own most of your products and I really appreciate your excellent products, your service and your generosity in providing your customers with updates. I also really like your excellent and outstanding blog. Unlike many other blogs, your articles on your blog really contain valuable information that your readers can use.

Thanks again!

Warm regards,

Klaus Dahl

You'll experience all of this and more once you say yes to the...

Sales Page Tactics Volumes 1-3

Previously sold separately, this amazing package that comes in PDF e-book form, bundles three profit-producing volumes into one big package! Unlike many other packages on the market today, this amazing package isn't just filled with hype and unrealistic income promises.

With Sales Page Tactics Volumes 1-3, you'll get the real deal, so you'll be able to cut through all of the programming and techie geek jargon and finally be exposed to PHP scripts, codes, and more that really work, placing you in perfect position to make fast and easy money!

But it doesn't stop there: You'll also be empowered with Camtasia videos and the original source codes, so you'll have a variety of ways to learn the information presented.

And to prove to you that the Sales Page Tactics Volumes 1-3 are just what you need to get your sales page into tip-top shape and reeling in sales like steel to a magnet, then.......

Here's A Sneak-Peek At What You'll Get

Sales Page Tactics Volume 1

Clickbank Referral Links, Interactive Sales Letters, E-Mail Bot Destroyers, Special Countdown Offers & More

Writing & Designing A Site Is Only 75% Of The Battle...
At Last, You Have At Your Disposal A Manual Full Of
Drag-And-Drop Solutions For Sales Pages
And The Special Offers You Run On Them

This isn't your ordinary e-book. You'll be treated to 19 powerful web site scripts with super-detailed walkthroughs explaining how they were built, so you can either copy and paste them onto your web site painlessly or tweak them to do anything you want. It's explained over a 109 page PDF book and over an hour of video.

With these scripts:

  • You can run a 7-day or N-day countdown to kick off your new product at a reduced price or to test alternate price ranges without enraging your customer base. (3 minutes, 35 seconds).
  • Get forewarned about a specific kind of dynamic pricing script you need to stay 50 miles away from.
  • You can display a lot of screenshots for your product, I can show you a way to quickly flip through them without doing a lot of scrolling. (2 minutes, 46 seconds).
  • You can password-protect your download page without a fully-featured member's area script, I can show you how to be up and running in just a few minutes. (5 minutes, 42 seconds).

And if you:

  1. Already Run An Affiliate Program Through Clickbank
  2. Consistently Run Special Offers
  3. Are A List-Building Mastermind

You'll be able to:

  • Use 50 different URLs with Clickbank using a few lines of PHP code and keep your Clickbank affiliates from switching to other vendors. Most people will charge you $97 for a ridiculously simple script like this, but you won't pay near that today. (16 minutes, 15 seconds).
  • Learn how to set-up two different kinds of countdown scripts in JavaScript. I'm not talking about the "offer expires Midnight tonight" crap. You set a rigid ending date for your promotion, and this copy-and-paste script will countdown the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds, updating over and over to instill that sense of urgency.
  • Re-wire your sales letter based on user input. (7 minutes, 8 seconds).
  • Transform your web copy into an interactive sales page that will change based on a visitor's responses to questions you provide. (4 minutes, 45 seconds).
  • Run a time sensitive "promo" for your product like a teleseminar. You'll no longer need to send your users to some page filled with dozens of timezones to help them figure out when an event is planned. (9 minutes, 28 seconds).
  • If your "sales page" is just a NameSqueeze page, where a user has to supply contact information before looking at your sales letter. Or maybe, your sales letter is a big long spiel trying to convince a visitor to opt-in. My manual will show you how to make all kinds of opt-in methods... (3 minutes, 29 seconds).


  • Automatic Opt-In Lightning pop-ups
  • Single click QuickSubscribe forms
  • Just-Click-Send e-mail messages

If you give out free, viral e-books to build your list or to garner more interest in your product, you'll find out how to adapt one of these opt-in methods to distribute your e-book in a way that will get it into as many hands as possible from your web site, that works around pop-up blockers, which most people aren't aware of.

Sales Page Tactics Volume 2

Tabbed Sales Pages, Upsell Accelerators, NameSqueze Secrets, Killer PopOvers & More!

If You're Not Using These Advanced Sales Page Tactics From Volume Two, You Might As Well Throw $10 In The Trash Every Time Someone Visits Your Sales Page!

You'll get a 118-page guide bundled with a 1 hour 16 minute video, that's loaded with 17 profit-producing sales page tactics to ensure that you get all of the profits that you truly deserve. And in it, you'll learn:

  • What secret font Windows Vista uses and how you can be among the first to implement this to be unique and increase profits! (Pg. 3, 2 minutes 28 seconds)
  • How to easily create a printer friendly version of your sales page that automatically gets rid of columns, navigation buttons, AdSense ads, etc... (Pg. 4, 5 minutes 18 seconds)
  • An extremely advanced and easy to implement NameSqueeze strategy that allows you to control and capture your visitor's information before it gets passed on to your autoresponder. (Pg. 14, 4 minutes 20 seconds)
  • How to automatically personalize your sales pages so they speak directly to your visitors. Personalize it to include his or her name, interests, anything! This is easy and extremely powerful... (Pg. 25, 4 minutes 30 seconds) *HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!*
  • The one thing that most webmasters do that prevent visitors from ordering! If you are doing this, you need to STOP immediately. (Pg. 30)
  • How to combine your NameSqueeze AND Sales Page - Do you really still have them on 2 separate pages??? (Pg. 31, 7 minutes 22 seconds)
  • How to create sales pages and squeeze page with survey questions - then redirect your visitor to a unique thank you page based on their answers! (Pg. 38)
  • How to properly utilize and create sub-lists to offer targeted messages to each prospect. (Pg. 46, 6 minutes 9 seconds)
  • A painfully simple way to create unblockable pop-up windows - There's NO need to ever pay $97 for a popover generator (Pg. 47, 3 minutes 50 seconds)
  • How to create appealing, user friendly Fade-Over Popups that stand out and are transparent until your prospect scrolls over it.
  • How to create a "Lightbox" - this popover effect completely darkens the sales page and displays the pop-up, then returns to normal when the pop-up is closed or utilized... A really unique effect! (Pg. 57-66) *HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!*
  • PopOver On Crack - my secret pop-up arsenal of unique and powerful effects that you've never seen anywhere else. (Pg. 67)
  • How to trigger unblockable exit pop-ups based on your visitor's actions and mouse movements! (Pg. 73, 5 minutes 37 seconds)
  • How to use tabbed sales pages to give your visitors the content they want instantly - means they won't be distracted or delayed. (Pg. 80, 7 minutes 45 seconds)
  • How to create upsells ("Would you like fries with that?") quickly and easily - no need for expensive scripts! (Pg. 104, 7 minutes 21 seconds) *HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!*
  • How to create special reports automatically customized based on user options - Customization and personalization means increased sales. (Pg. 109, 5 minutes 29 seconds)
  • How to create "Magic buttons" that demand attention AND your visitor's e-mail address. (Pg. 114, 6 minutes 39 seconds) *STAND OUT!*

Sales Page Tactics Volume 3

PayPal Dimesales, Viral Article Rebranders, Panic One-Time-Offers, Search Engine Alarms & Much More!

"California Web Programmer Reveals 9 'Hidden Code' Strategies You Can Start Using Today To Multiply The Profits From ALL Your Online Sales Letters" ... How Many Of These 17 Secret Sales Boosting Scripts From the Third Volume Can You Use?

In this amazing 130-page PDF volume with 4 hours of video, you'll be empowered with strategies that no doubt will send boat loads of cash to your bank account. Check them out:

Strategy 1: Split Testing Rotator Script: Allows you to split test different headlines, images, opening lines and other key elements in your sales page without having to pay monthly fees to any kind of external services. (10 minutes, 18 seconds)

Strategy 2: Exit Page Script: Explode your sales with exit pages to capture emails or give your prospects another chance to buy.....Nine times out of 10, this extra push is all they need to pull out their wallet. (5 minutes, 18 seconds)

Strategy 3: Interruption Roll-Down Script: These are popular with online marketers for one reason only.....they work and you'll be able to get them to work for you by capturing the attention of prospects right when they're about to leave your site: but you'll catch them, entice them and at least get their contact information for the possibility of later sales, so you don't walk away empty handed. (15 minutes, 13 seconds)

Strategy 4: Dime Sale Script: You'll be able to create urgency by starting your sales off at an insanely low price and gradually increase the price as time goes on. Everyone wants the lowest possible price, so with this, you'll have visitors to your site ripping their wallets open to buy from you! (19 minutes, 14 seconds)

Strategy 5: PayPal Script: People not clicking the return to merchant after they pay using PayPal? Well, with this script, you won't have to worry about that any longer because you'll be able to instantly send your customers to your thank you page, where they can download your product and if you're smart, you'll upsell them on more products to buy while they're in the buying mood: You'll get 2,3,4, even 10 times more sales this way.  (11 minutes, 30 seconds)

Strategy 6: Affiliate Custom Subdomain Script: You make the job of your affiliates easy by giving them their own custom made subdomain. When you do this, all they'll have to do is send their list and their prospects to the subdomain you've supplied, which means less effort for your affiliates and more sales for you. (11 minutes, 27 seconds)

Strategy 7: Affiliate Sales Tracking Script: You'll finally be able to increase confidence in you affiliates and joint venture partners by assuring them that you're tracking every prospect they send to your site all the way from your landing page to the sale and everywhere in between. (9 minutes, 16 seconds)

Doing this all on your own unfortunately is very time consuming and even then, a few sales my fall through the cracks. But with this special script, you'll be able to track all sales in one fast and easy step.

Plus, these scripts integrate with aweber, 1shoppingcart or getresponse, your landing page, your sales page and more... It will all be a piece of cake for you from this day forward!

Strategy 8: Immediate JV Payment Rotating Script: Don't you just love it when someone buys from you and you get paid immediately? Well, the same goes for your JV and affiliate partners and with this unique script, you'll be able to pay them immediately....And nothing motivates affiliates more than getting paid instantly without having to wait an entire month for a check. (9 minutes, 36 seconds)

Once You Say Yes To Sales Page Tactics, There's Virtually No Way You Can Fail...

Volume One contains 19 scripts and 64 minutes of video. It delivers an amazing kickstart with interactive sales letters, "Make Your Own Software" generators, e-book boosts, one-click opt-ins, objection handlers, and timed countdowns.

(Vol. 1 Download Size: 89 MB)

Volume Two contains 17 scripts and 76 minutes of video. You will get a massive punch in the crotch with popovers, name squeeze pages, light box effects, tabbed sales pages, special report appliances, and magic buttons.

(Vol. 2 Download Size: 91 MB)

Volume Three holds a whopping 21 scripts and 4.5 hours of video! This volume is where all the magic happens with co-op rotators, panic one-time-offers, limited quantity scripts, article branders, search engine alarms, PayPal full physical address logging, joint venture tracking, subdomain magic, and one hell of a dimesale motivator script.

(Vol. 3 Download Size: 262 MB)

(Total Size: 442 MB, 57 scripts, 6 hours 41 minutes)

Today is the day for you to make a change for the better. The best part about it is that the Sales Page Tactics Volumes 1-3 is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

My Iron Clad, Better Than FREE, Six Weeks, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure that my Sales Page Tactics Series will provide you with the results that you're looking for that I'm willing to back it up for a full six weeks.

If you're not completely satisfied with it, even if it's on the last day of the sixth week, all you have to do is let me know and I'll insist that you let me give you a full refund directly from my bank account, no questions asked. It's just that simple!

All I ever ask is that you give it an honest try. Fair enough?

If so, then........

The time to ACT is NOW

If you're really ready armor your sales page with tested, proven to work, and profit-producing PHP scripts, codes, and more, then you want to know how to get your hands on Sales Page Tactics Volumes 1-3, right?

I'm pleased to offer you this unique weapon at an amazingly low price for just the next couple of days, so don't wait...

PS: Remember, when you say yes to Sales Page Tactics Volumes 1-3, it's backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

PPS: Hiring a freelancer to provide you with similar scripts and codes could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars and take weeks for you to get these codes back once you hire them.

But in this one-of-a-kind bundle packed that I've put together, you'll have exclusive access to dozens of scripts and codes at one insanely low price.....And all you'll have to do is simply copy and paste them into your sales page, sit back, relax, and watch your conversions increase and profits roll in, day-in and day-out, just like a top marketing guru!

That's what you want isn't it? If so, then....

Don't just do nothing....ACT NOW.

PPPS: Did I forget the bonuses? If you order this complete set you will get all the bonuses that come with these original volumes, including...

Bonus #1: The Basics of Web Copywriting

"Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of Our Simple, Effective Techniques For Website Copywriting Instead Of Continuing To Pay Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Dollars To Professional Writers To Do The Work For You?"

Harness the power of effective website copywriting and attract thousands of new visitors to your website!

Why is Effective Copy So Important?

Web Copywriting allows you to appeal to your target audience effectively the FIRST TIME they visit your website!

You can save yourself a great deal of time by showing your visitors exactly what they need to do the first time they visit your website. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a professional copywriter for a single page of content, when you can produce the same effective results for free on your own?

Web Copywriting increases your sales, and increases the actions that are taken by your visitors!

Copywriting is meant to coax the reader into taking action. A few incredibly simple techniques will allow you to increase how many action takers visit your website every day! How much money are you missing out on, by not making the most of your website?

Our Incredible Copywriting Guide Has a LOT to Offer You!

Look what you will find in this great guide...

  • The Best Way to Write Efficient Headlines: Your headline WILL make or break the effectiveness of your entire sales letter. Luckily, this guide shows you exactly how to write an effective headline for the greatest number of conversions!
  • Text Link Formatting: Most people do not understand why the informal sales letter format is so great at converting, until they realize why professional looking layouts may actually be less attractive to visitors. Change the look of your text links for maximum conversions and a casual, informal web copy that attracts lots of attention!
  • Know What to Focus On: Learn what you need to focus on when writing web copy, and what should not be mentioned. There is something specific that you need to portray in your web copy, and I can tell you what that something is!

And there's so much more! -- Our Copywriting 101 guide to effective copywriting for the web is jam packed with useful information!


Why would I want you to just have the basics of copywriting? Shouldn't you know the more advanced secrets to writing the BEST Sales Letters to give you the Highest Response?

What if you had a guide to walk you through the process in each step of the sales letter process? Also Included with your Sales Page Tactics Bundle is Your Guide to...

Bonus #2: Internet Marketing Head Start Audios

Hate Reading? Lose Focus Easily? Learn Internet Marketing Through The Comfort And Convenience Of Head Start Audios!

20 hard hitting marketing topics have been selected to give you that much needed boost! We are taking you through, step by step to give you the best chance for success.

No fluff... no hype... just the most up-to-date information and tactics to start your career online. This is the only A to Z guide you will ever need.

Now you can learn everything needed to begin walking toward a career online. Whether you listen to them on the computer... on your mp3 player... or even in the car.

Here is what you will receive...

  • Discover the special skills to easily build a list within 24 hours... it's a ridiculously easy step by step guide to building your list of followers.
  • Can you write an email that will captivate OVER 50% of your audience? If not then you need to hear why!
  • Find out the best private label rights techniques to send JV's, traffic, and money straight to your site. The best and most profitable ways to make big bucks with resell rights products.
  • Bank account filling subject lines: Eye catching subject lines that will make subscribers open emails and fill your bank account!
  • How a little forum participation can go a long way to forging relationships worth thousands in the future.
  • Offline traffic solutions that will give your online traffic solutions a run for their money! Copy the methods big gurus use to generate massive amounts of traffic... I explain it all in detail here!
  • The simple strategies that you need to implement to succeed online... this is the only way to get rich online... and you need to know it!

What more could an aspiring Internet Marketer ask for? You will receive all the information needed to kick start your career online! No matter who you are, or what your current situation is I GUARANTEE you will be able to kick start your online ventures with my audio package.

I wish someone had developed this when I got into marketing online... All the blood sweat and tears it would have saved me!

And all without having to read a word...

Why Put It Off Any Longer?

It is YOUR time to shine! Make the most of NOW... Don't be one of the crowd who just passes by to see what the fuss is about, TAKE ACTION, take control and live the life of financial freedom!

Bonus #3: High Response Sales Letters!

Write High Response Sales Letters In Just 25 Minutes
Plus 6 Quick And Easy Steps That Work Every Single Time...

Even If You've Never Written One Before!

Let me share a quick story with you that top copywriter Jason Anderson had with a friend...

I was talking to a good friend of mine last week. He just got into online marketing maybe two weeks ago.

He pays close attention to what others are doing, so I'm always happy to answer his questions. During that conversation he asked the most important question that immediately told me that he's going places, and fast.

This is what he said to me..

"Do you know if there's something I should be working on, a skill I should start developing right now that will help my business grow quickly? What's the most important task an online marketer can learn to do well?"

The answer was simple...

"Learn to write sales copy," I told him.

"If you can't write sales copy, it doesn't just affect your sales. It affects your lead generation, the response to your ads, your resource building, your profits, the quality of your products, everything."

There was a short silence..

Then the reply came: "That's a problem, you know that I dropped out of school at 17 and can't afford to pay a copywriter $3000+ for a sales letter every time I want to sell a product or send out an ad. I really don't have a chance... do I?" He said in a disappointed manner.

My response: "More of a chance than you think!"

Fast forward 30 minutes and from not knowing where to start, from having never written a sales letter before, he left that conversation with a sales letter that continues to sell products at one sale to every 75 visits for his premium product.

That's even before any tracking and testing on his part, there's no doubt in my mind it'll improve.

It'll take just 30 minutes of YOUR time, and you'll come out the other end of this knowing how to write high response sales letters again and again. All you have to do is follow a simple formula.

Proven Power Packed Sales Letter Techniques...
Easily & Quickly Emulated!

Over a decade of tracking, testing and experience at your disposal. Since I started in online marketing, I've written, tested, critiqued and torn to pieces many hundreds if not thousands of sales letters out there. My experience is now yours.

A proven track record that has seen visitor to sales ratios rise by over twenty five times since the beginning of my online marketing career. You could test and track all of this yourself if you like, but of course, that takes time. But why expend all that effort when I've done most of the work for you?

Step by step sales letter creation. I'm not just going to give you a bunch of examples here and say, "Copy this and your stuff will sell." Instead, I'm going to define a set of rules for you that will take you right from the very first word, to the last letter. No need to flail blindly in the dark anymore. I take you through each step to, by the end of the manual, completion of a power-packed, proven to sell sales letter.

It works for everything. You know, I started out developing these methods before I even started in online marketing, selling computers offline. You don't have to be selling a "how to make money" product to take advantage of this.

In fact, if you're not selling such a product, you'll soon be giggling at the competition who have poor sales processes, or even no sales letter at all, which is extremely apparent outside of the make money niche.

This is Your Chance To Get Ahead...

Before They Realize What's Going On!

Snap your readers out of their daily grind trance with attention grabbing headlines then slowly ease them into your sales letter with a hypnotic introduction, flowing right into the sale of your product. We cover proven sales letter techniques from start to finish. No special skills required. If you can read and write english, you can do this.

Writers block solved in a split second. Never again be stuck for something to write, or have trouble getting started on what is the most important piece of your business. One simple method that allows words to flow right onto the page will save you from any more frustrating blanks that come with standard copywriting territory.

  • How to give your headlines meaning. Your marketing is useless unless it means something to the reader. Find out force your audience to immediately visualize what you're saying, drastically reducing the chances of them leaving or being distracted. (Responsible for doubling the sales of my last product!)
  • How to grab the attention of your audience that will make them stick around longer, but keeps them wanting even more. This amazingly even applies to sales material.
  • Three methods of cementing yourself in your prospects mind, so much so that not only will they be far more likely to buy from you multiple times, but they'll spread your brand for you even if they decide not to buy.

Are Your Sales Being Effected By Newbie Copywriting Mistakes These As You Read This?

We Need To Remove Them Right Away,
Because You're Losing Sales!

  • Five elements of ALL successful sales letters... no exceptions. If you find any sales letter with a decent visitors to sales ratio written by a professional copywriter, you'll see they have all of these elements in common. The kicker is you don't need to spend $2000 per letter (sometimes even more) to create sales material every time you launch a product. I'll show you how instead, right now.
  • Touch your readers and they will pay you for it. This course is packed with means and methods to touch your readers, not in a corny way, or an unethical way, but several triggers that you can use to create a strong bond with your audience are waiting to be taken advantage of. If you won't, the profit will go in your competitions pocket instead. It's your choice entirely.
  • Three ways to seal the deal. You know, it's the first rule of sales in real world business, but I rarely see marketers taking advantage of it online. This one aspect alone could double your sales.


How can you convert your visitors to sales? The Sales Page Tactics scripts cannot do this all alone... you need to know how to influence decisions through your sales copy.

Bonus #4: "Maximum Conversion Rate Tactics"

Discover How YOU -- Or Anyone -- Can Skyrocket Your Sales Copy & Opt-In Conversion Rates By At Least 150-300%... Starting This Second!

WARNING! You May Lose A LOT Of Potential Sales & Business If You Do NOT Read This Letter Today!

I trust you have written web copies of some kind at any time in your Internet Marketing career. Or perhaps, you were thinking of writing one.

Not only is web copywriting a daunting task, it can also prove to be a gamble rather than a challenge at times.

What happens when fumble along the hurdles of copywriting? Dreadful mediocre results await. Also, did you know? The biggest expense in life is the money that you do NOT make.

For example, if your web copy conversion rate is 1% - which means every 1 in 100 visitors would be converted into your customer - that would mean 99% of the other visitors did NOT convert.

If your opt-in conversion rate is 10% - that is, every 10 in 100 visitors would go on to become your subscribers - this would also mean that 90 of your other visitors would leave your website, and probably forget about it 10 web sites later!

"You're Easily Wasting 90% of Non-Monetized Traffic!"

But you're going to be in for a treat. Because in the next mouse click, you can transform your mediocre web copies and opt-in pages into HIGH PERFORMANCE masterpieces that will convert your traffic like crazy!

Even though you may have no previous experience in web copywriting.

Or you have never written a web copy masterpiece in your life (hey, isn't that the reason why you're here?)

  • Introduction to Web Copy
  • Quick Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate
  • Common Mistakes that Reduce Conversions
  • Tracking and Testing

Try living another day without this manual. Your sales copy conversion rate will suck... as usual. You will always wonder if you could have received more opt-in leads... than usual. So why not turn the tables today and achieve higher conversion rates in your marketing campaigns? The choice is clear. Order now.

That's it, right? You get 16 scripts, a 19-chapter, 102 page e-book explaining them all, 16 videos SHOWING you everything... plus three bonus books about copywriting and improving sales letter conversion rates... so your web sites pull more buyers and get you more money. It can't get any better than that, right?

WRONG! There's STILL more in the Sales Page Tactics Volume 1 package. I'll also throw in a course explaining new and tested ways to improve your conversion rates by combining copywriting with psychology. I'll show you how to push all of the 22 emotional HOT BUTTONS that ALL humans possess.

Looking For Those Emotional Hot Buttons That Magically Forces Prospects to Drop All Resistance and Beg to Buy?

Bonus #5: 22 Emotional Hot Buttons... That Make Consumers Spend Money Like Crazy!

Imagine having the secret "buy now" triggers that instantly puts incredible power into all of your ads and sales letters! The power to easily inspire, convince and persuade your customers to purchase any product or service you sell, at anytime, and as often as you want...no matter what business you're in!

Here's a fact: 98% of all human beings buy products or services emotionally and then justify those purchases logically.

Now you too can learn the most powerful 'secret hot buttons' to influence more customers, grab more profits, and leave your competition in the dust as they continue to wonder how you did it! Secrets that show you...

  • How to create the "gotta have it" feeling in your customer's mind.
  • How to tap into their "primal" buying emotions.
  • How to overcome any objections and easily melt away sales resistance.
  • How to instantly bond with the reader.
  • How to use "sex appeal" to generate a buying frenzy.
  • How to virtually 'force' them into buying without getting any resistance.
  • How to influence your prospect's mind to trust you and believe what you are saying.
  • How to push just the right "buttons" to arouse their "inner buying signals!"

This Revealing Ebook Will Turn Even The Most Sales-Challenged Person Into A Convincing, Profit-Generating Powerhouse!

It doesn't matter how good (or how bad) your sales material is right now...or whether you're brand new to the business...or even if you're a seasoned veteran, already pulling in huge profits...

These time-tested 'hot buttons' are the quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to increase your sales (and profits) without spending a single penny more on your advertising!

I can't even begin to describe how powerfully these secrets can affect your life! And you can find it all here, in this exciting new ebook...

You will discover:

  • How to irresistibly answer the #1 question... "What's In It For Me"... by painting a compelling, overpoweringly attractive visual picture in the reader's mind.
  • How to instantly increase your sales by putting into action the 5 key emotions people say they were motivated by when making a purchase.
  • How to use a combination of "The 9 Basic Needs of People in the 21st Century" to sell your product or service in a snap.
  • How to create the "itch" that needs to be scratched and then clearly provide the solution to the itch.
  • How to anticipate and overcome sales-killing objections and fears that keep your prospects from buying from you.
  • How to tear down walls of suspicion, natural distrust and skepticism that your prospects have built (thanks to decades of over-the-top promises and out-and-out lies) and
  • build up the necessary credibility to make that sale.
  • How to avoid the customer's "B.S. Meter" when it comes to advertising claims or anything that is exaggerated, and immediately put their minds at ease.
  • How to establish authority to convince them that you're the expert they should listen to!
  • How to make people react to you like Santa every time your offer appears, and have them enthusiastically imagine what fabulous 'gifts' you have in store for them!
  • Discover '104 Consumer Magnets' that will drive consumers wild with desire and catapult them into action ... BUYING action...

Learn The Secrets That Earned Jon Leger $20,581.92 From ONE Affiliate Promotion Of A Seventy-Seven Dollar Product!

Bonus #6: Jon Leger's Preselling Secrets

The competition in affiliate marketing today is fierce. Hundreds of thousands of affiliates are competing to out-sell each other for the same products.

To set yourself apart, you have to learn how to prepare your target audience so that they JUST HAVE to buy whatever it is you're offering.

Using the methods outlined in my latest report, Preselling Secrets, you can repeat the process I used to earn $20,581.92 from just one affiliate promotion.

The truth is that being a "super affiliate" is a simple matter of preparing your audience for what you're wanting them to buy. This process is known as "preselling" the audience. A little up-front legwork will pay off handsomely, as evidenced by the example promotion above (and that's only one of my many very successful affiliate promotions).

The problem with most affiliates' efforts is that they do one of three things:

  1. Simply send people directly through their affiliate link from their web site or via pay-per-click traffic (like AdWords) without introducing the product personally. BAD IDEA!
  2. Bombard their email list with promotion after promotion after (*sigh*) promotion... REALLY BAD IDEA!
  3. Send people a single email pitching the product, and never mention it again. There's a better way.

Now, you can have SOME success using those methods, and that's why affiliates keep using them. But I'm going to show why you're missing out on MOST of your earnings by doing #1, why you should NEVER do #2, and the RIGHT way to do #3!

I'm Going To Show You My Step-by-step Formula For Achieving Stellar Affiliate Profits!

Here are the five VITAL topics I cover with you in the report:

  • Preselling Is About Building Trust
  • Preselling By Not Selling Anything At All!
  • The One-Shot Presell
  • Blueprint of a Successful Full-Scale Promotion
  • Preselling Checklist

By the time you're done reading this no fluff, to-the-point report, you'll have the knowledge you need to really crank up your earnings for just about any affiliate promotion you engage in.

If you're serious about your online marketing business in 2020, you will get this report right now and read it today.

"What If I Told You That YOU Can Increase Your Profits by 100%, 200% or Even More Than 1287% Without Working Any Harder? Would You Let me Show You How To Do It?"

Give Me 7 Minutes And I Will Reveal The 40 Most Common Pitfalls Well-meaning Entrepreneurs Like You Fall Into When Trying To Create A Money-making Site.

It's A Shame For You To Not Be Living The Lifestyle You Desire... When You Can Do It So Easily...

Bonus #7: Ewen Chia's Website Conversion Secrets

Making money online is simple math. If you want to double your sales, try doubling your conversion rate rather than your traffic. If for every 100 visitors you receive to your site you make 1 sale, then you have a conversion rate of 1%.

But, what if you could increase the conversion rate of your site? What if you could "convince" just one more person to take you up on your offer? Then your conversion rate would jump to 2% and your profits would instantlydouble!

Here are a few more things you can discover:

  • A service that allows you to locate slow loading graphics and bad links on your site...and where to get it for free.
  • The one thing you have to keep in mind every time you create a website. (Hint :not everyone sees things exactly as you do).
  • What type of fonts should you use online? And why? What can you learn from direct response offline marketers?
  • Should you use Flash presentations on your homepage? Or not? And why? The answer may surprise you!
  • Explained: The concept of "themes" in your website. What is the importance they play in your conversion rate?
  • The 4 'little foxes' that can spoil the overall professional appearance of your website. Are you sure you are not making one of these mistakes as we speak?
  • The common temptation that many companies fall into when creating a website...and why it can spell disaster for you. You will learn how to avoid this fatal mistake.
  • What style should you use when "talking" to your visitors? Formal, informal or what? And why? So many people make this mistake it's not even funny!
  • Should your salesletter use correct grammar? Or not? The answer may surprise you!

I really need to ask you one question at this point:

How Many of These Costly Mistakes Are Causing You To Work A Lot Harder Than You Could Get Away With? And... How Much Time And Money Could You Save If You Knew How To Avoid Them Altogether?

  • A sneaky little trick that is almost too powerful to disclose. You will learn how you can sell a service that is on the pricey side and yet make it appear so cheap that your visitors would be crazy not to take you up on you offer! (It's ethical though)
  • How to answer common objections your visitors may have about your product or service. Be careful here. If you leave even one question unanswered, you could lose the sale and it would be a crying shame.
  • Are you sure that all your visitors want to save money? Or maybe there's something else you should aim at as well? Few people use this method but now you will be one of them.
  • A technique used by computer manufacturing giant Dell. The beauty of this is that you don't need Dell's millions to do it. You can do it as easily for free!
  • How to use this aspect of human nature to increase your sales even more! This is true almost 100% of the time... even if nobody admits it!
  • A strategy "borrowed" from the world of direct mail marketing. Along with the usual salesletter the mail order company includes something else in the package as well. What is it? And... how can you do the same on your webpage?
  • Pop ups: Do they work? Or not? Are they the most hated concept online? And, if yes, why do so many marketers who make thousands of dollars every month use them? The truth finally comes to light!
  • How to break up big decisions into tiny steps... and why it's critically important to be able to do so. Get this right and you will increase your profits even more.
  • How to use anchor tags to guide your visitors through your presentation and make it easy for them to give you their money.
  • A little secret to differentiate yourself from your competitors... even if you sell a product of exactly the same quality as they are.
  • How you can charge 5 times more for the exact same information... and your customers will be ecstatic to give you their money!
  • How knowing how to handle existing customers can mean some of the easiest money you made in your entire life. Why so few people do this? Beats me!

Oh, and just to prove to you how important knowing these things is, please tell me if...

Have You Ever Imagined Just How Many More People Would Be Eager To Promote Your Products and Send You Their Traffic If You Converted, Say, 3 Times More Visitors To Buyers?

It's 100%true. As a matter of fact, some copywriters have admitted in public that they make a lot of money without having a clue about "search engine optimization". However, even their competitors are happy to send them their subscribers because they convert so many of them to paying customers!

You will also understand:

  • The power of post scripts in your webs copy. Harness their power and watch out!
  • Explained: The concept of the "by the way" technique and how to use it in order to generate even more profits from your website.
  • Analyzed: The"AIDAS" formula. How this strange word can mean untold profits for the few people who truly understand it.
  • The ad copy style recommended by John Kennedy (he charges up to $50,000 for a salesletter). What could you do if you knew it?
  • The power of "bullets" and how to use their power to volcanically erupt the conversion rate of your site.
  • Should your products be cheap? Or expensive? And why? Where does the truth lie?
  • How to change your general statements into specific ones and why this little secret can virtually skyrocket your conversion rate.
  • The technique of "limited quantity offers" and why it's so powerful. Few people use (or understand) this concept.
  • The two main emotions that top copywriters aim at awakening. Do you know what they are?
  • The one point of your presentation where you should really "give it all" and why it can meanyou getting the sale instead of your competitors.
  • How to ask for the order. Should you use multiple order options? Or not? Many people give the exactopposite answer of what they should in the above question!
  • How to strike your maximum profit point by using this advanced technique. This technique is used after you have finished your salesletter.

Finally: Now, you too can discover the methods used by some of the highest-paid copywriters in the world and make much more money with the same effort.

Do you have any idea how much a good copywriter costs? If you "shop around", price tags of $10,000 to $15,000 for one salesletter plus 5-10% royalties on gross sales generated are pretty common. Stunned? Well, actually you shouldn't be.

Here's why:

A good copywriter actually saves you money. When you hear all the "gurus" making six figure incomes online, how do you think they do it? Exactly. They use world-class copy. They know that killer copy will put good money in their pockets. (Heck, you can't argue with the results these marketing mammoths get.)

But you know what the best part is? Even a top notch copywriter can get you lousy results! Yep, you read that correctly. Even if you hire a professional copywriter, your sales can be zero.

Here's why:

On the Internet, there are many more things that come into play. Does your page capture the visitors' names and emails effectively? Does it look good on all computers? Does it load fast? (For example, this page you are reading loaded in less than 2 seconds. And I can show you how to do that for your sites as well.).

"Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!" goes into much more than just "copywriting". It talks about the mechanics of the website as well. It's about building a complete site. It's about getting the sale. It's about making real money.

"You're About to Discover 28 Power Packed Secrets to Convert Visitors Into Buyers...and They Work Like Magic!"

Bonus #8: Triple Your Conversions Instantly

If you have a website that sells anything, or you're thinking of launching one, this is probably the most profitablemessage you'll ever read. 

There are millions of websites on the Internet trying to sell everything from simple products to lifestyle hopes and dreams, but only a very FEW of these are actually profitable "winners" while the majority are lucky to make any sales and are dead on arrival.

What Separates the Winners from the Losers?

For your website to generate sales and profits, it needs to do just two things. It must draw traffic to the site and — most importantly — it must convert visitors into buyers.

Research has shown that the average visit to a website is less than 30 seconds. Bottom line, you either hook your client in those 30 seconds or they click off.

Getting traffic is simple enough--you can even just buy it--IF your site generates enough sales to make it profitable to do that.

Converting traffic into sales is the real challenge -- and the single factor that separates the BIG moneymakers from marketers who struggle. So the question is:

HOW Do You Maximize Sales Conversions & Skyrocket Your Profits?

We've studied some of the most profitable websites and spoken with marketers who see "Notification of Payment Received" over and over everyday in their inboxes, and there are 28 stealth tactics they use to achieve mind blowing results and HUGE profits. Shockingly, these 28 tactics are actually simple to use, and YOU can use them and multiply your own results!

And, you can learn exactly what each is and how to use it in this power packed report, "Triple Your Conversions, Instantly: 28 Ways to Skyrocket Signups and Sales”

Just take a look at how you'll benefit...

  • You'll be shocked at why 80% of the people leave your web site – something so easily remedied it's taken for granted -- but shouldn't be.
  • You'll be surprised to learn this huge percentage of potential customers that leave a site without completing a sale.
  • The 4 things every website must do.
  • Watch out for these 3 rules.  You leave even one out and you cut the time visitors spend on a page from an average of 2 minutes to less than 10 seconds.
  • The Freebies: when & how to give them out.
  • Service or Benefits?  The age-old debate…the winner may just surprise you.
  • Okay, you've got the hook, now where do you put it in the sales page?
  • 4 Reasons why you can't do without the blog.
  • Well, you've heard about them and probably even use them, but in the visitor to buyer exchange... how effective are podcasts and videos?
  • Without these 4 things a Sales Page just won't work – ever!
  • What you should know about upselling and downselling.
  • 2 things you must have at the top of your sales page
  • How to build customer rapport.
  • How to harness the power of persuasion.
  • How to make sure your message is accepted, remembered, and acted upon.
  • If this doesn't happen in 2 seconds or less your web site is in serious trouble.
  • How to structure your message in language that persuades customers to buy.
  • How to manage the human aspects of the sales process that normally take a lifetime to master.

Adding any one of these techniques to your website can instantly EXPLODE your conversion rate. Add all or most of these proven strategies to your website and you'll flatten your competition with a punch they never saw coming

These Are Specific Conversion-Boosting Strategies That Aren't Available Elsewhere!

You'll also discover...

  • How to get THIS...because if you don't have this one thing, your site is worthless.
  • The hottest Viral Tactic used today to boost conversion. In just minutes, this unconventional method can make your sales skyrocket.
  • Use these unorthodox techniques to get solid testimonials by email.
  • Vendors and customers: How to use these 2 great sources for referrals.
  • How to create customer evangelists in a matter of minutes.
  • Why Press Releases are so important.
  • Do this and visitors will never forget you.
  • Master the technique of strategic story telling and see what it can do for you.

So there's only one question left...  How many of these tactics are YOU going to use to boost your web site response?

Time is Money On the Web, And If You're Selling Online, Delays Eat Your Profits. If You've Ever Said:

"Heck -- Mr. Big Shot Copywriter Charges Five Figures For A Sales Letter... And I Can't Even Get Him On The Phone!"

It's Time To Eliminate The Copywriting Middleman.

Bonus #9: Angela Booth's Web Copywriting Profits

Copywriting delays cost you money.

I feel your pain. You're waiting, waiting and waiting some more for your high-priced copywriter to fit you into his schedule, and then you go on waiting while he writes for you.

Worse, you can't even call him to ask WHEN your sales letter will be ready.

If your Web income depends on your copywriter, you're putting your business on hold. You're not only being held to ransom, you're also losing thousands of dollars each week.


Copywriting Is Your Key To The Internet Cash Machine

So unfortunately, you need Mr. Big Shot.

Mr. Big Shot charges big prices. But hey, you can afford him because he's generating cash flow, so no matter how much of a pain he is, he's worth it.

If only he didn't charge so much...

If only you didn't have to wait forever to get the writing done...

Most importantly of all, if only he got the high conversion rates he promised you...

(Yes, it's true, no matter what they say: even top copywriters CAN'T guarantee you top conversion rates.)

If only you were a copywriter - then you could write your own copy.

Maybe that's the answer.

Kick Mr. Big Shot To The Curb, And Write Your Own Copy

Easy enough to say.

Perhaps you've tried to write your own copy. After cursing and sweating and getting eyestrain from the computer screen, you got it done, but you aren't eager to go through it again.

Writing copy takes time, energy, confidence and processes. If you're not sure what you should be doing, and have no plan of action, you can waste a lot of time that you should be spending on your business.

You don't need that aggravation.
But what if you really could write your own Web copy?

When you write your own copy, you're in charge of your business. If you check a Web page's stats, and discover that the bounce rate's too high, you can change the page immediately - or write another one, quickly. (Or get your staff to do it, after you write a quick outline.)

When you see an opportunity, you can take action at once - set up a Pay Per Click campaign, or send a series of messages to your list.

Writing your own copy may mean that you can double, and triple your income from your online ventures. You can do more and make more.

Especially these days, with costs rising, and with economic jitters world wide, you need to grab the reins of your business and take charge.

Here's another vital reason you should write your own copy: you know your product better than any copywriter, so you're the best person to tell your customers about it.

That's a big advantage: when you're writing about what you sell, you're way ahead of any copywriter, because he has to get up to speed first.

You know your business, and you're already selling on the Web. Most copywriters have no clue when it comes to Web sales. They're stuck in the glory days of direct response marketing. This means that they're useless when it comes to important online sales strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) - writing Web copy which pulls in free organic traffic.

It's time to realize you can write your own Web copy better than anyone else.

Please pay attention to this.

You can discover how to write your own Web copy with confidence, with Angela Booth's "Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting."

But WHY Would a Top Copywriter Share Her Secrets?

Hey - I'm a copywriter, but I'm a business person first. I know how important it is to know everything about a product before I try to sell it.

This means that the person who knows the product best, is the best person to sell the product. That's why I often coach clients to write their own copy. Am I doing myself out of a job? Maybe.

But why should I spend a week researching a product when it's easier to teach someone how to do it themselves? They know the product much better than I do and they'll get better conversions.

I wrote "Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting" so you can do it too: eliminate the copywriting middleman, and write your own copy.

In "Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting" you'll discover:

  • The secrets of writing strong Web page copy that sells - what relevance is, and how it can double and triple your conversion rates
  • How to write powerful Web sales letters in chunks, so you can test elements quickly
  • How to get FREE advertising from Google and the other search engines for every page you write (this one tip, which you can implement immediately, is worth the cost of this ebook to you and more)
  • How to create an email marketing campaign step by step - plus the ONE sure method for email marketing success you're almost certainly missing out on right now
  • SEO copywriting fundamentals for a flow of free organic traffic to your site's pages every day... and my special SEO secret weapon, which saves you time and money, and lets you watch what your competitors are doing
  • And much more.

Easy to read, and easy to implement, "Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting" is fluff-free and packed with information you can use today. I know this information works to turn business owners into confident, outstanding copywriters for their own products.

I've used this material on my business-owner copywriting students. It works for them, it will work for you.

Take Charge: You're Your Own Best Web Copywriter!

What will it mean to you when you can write your own copy? It will help you to make more sales and make more profits.

With every day that passes, the Web is becoming more competitive. Turn your copywriting skills into your secret weapon which helps you to crush your competitors.

Yes, you're the best copywriter for your business. Discover how to write great Web copy, with "Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting" - 60 pages of powerful tips and techniques you can use right away.

Ever Wish You Had A Cheat Sheet For Starting A Successful Online Business?

A Simple "Paint-By-Numbers" Plan That Was Easy As 1-2-3?

Well Hold On To Your Hat, Because You're Only 2 Minutes And 17 Seconds Away From Turning Your Wishes Into Reality

Bonus #10: Sales Overload Home Study Mini Course by Terry Telford

1 hour 40 minute audio, 31 page PDF e-book

Your Sales Overload Home Study Mini Course Is Your Ticket To Starting, Running And Profiting From Your Own Online Business…in 30 days or less!

I've boiled down my formula for fast tracking a business from start to success. I've packaged the formula in an easy to follow, 30-day home study mini course. You're getting the exact formula I plug into every time I develop a new online income stream.

Can You Benefit From A Home Study Mini Course That Paves The Way For Your Fast Track Online Success?

You can if...

  • ...you're looking for a second income, to buy that new car, make an extra mortgage payment, or take a vacation with your family. This plan can take you there.
  • ...you're looking for a simple to follow, proven plan to build the foundation of a rock solid, immensely successful online empire. This plan can take you there.
  • ...you're looking for a way to make a few thousand dollars a month from the comfort of your own home. This plan can take you there.

I'm going to be totally honest with you. I could write you a really long letter and fill it full of fluffy copywriting stuff, but I'm not going to. Let's just be honest with each other. If you're looking for a solid plan that can help you make money online in the next 30 days, the Sales Overload Home Study Course could be what you've been looking for. If not, no worries. It was nice of you to pop by the website.

Here's What You'll Find Packed Inside Your Home Study Mini Course:

  • 3 keys that 95% of all online entrepreneurs are missing. You'll discover what the keys are and how to use them to unlock the 3 doors of success.
  • 4 hurdles that stop 73% of all online entrepreneurs from making money online. Catapult over these hurdles and it's a straight dash to the finish line.
  • Reframe your thinking about your online business. Your business is not what you think it is, but you're about to uncover a truth that will open your eyes like saucers.
  • How to run your business with 90% -95% pure profit. You keep $95 of every $100 that comes into your business.
  • The misconception of owning a list. It's not just 1, it's 3. You have to know what they are and how to use them to max your business profit potential.
  • 30-day planner. Each day gives you an action step to put your business on the fast track.

Who Can Benefit From This Home Study Mini Course?

You can if you haven't popped out your first $1,000 month yet. This course will show you how to punch through the invisible glass ceiling.

On the other hand, if you're already making $4,000 - $5,000 a month online, this home study course probably won't increase your income. You already have a plan and it seems to be working.

Bonus #11: Blogs and RSS Revealed by Brandon Hong

"Finally, 30 Year Old Physics Teacher Screams, 'Enough Is Enough' And Answers Your Most Pressing Questions On Blogs & RSS...

If 'Mumbo Jumbo' Like Blogs & RSS Leaves You Flat Then...

Give Me 1 Hour And 47 Minutes And I'll Reveal The Secrets Of Getting Highly Responsive, Cash Rich & Ready Buyers To Your Website Today

Are you frustrated seeing others using new 'technology' to make money while you're left alone 'in the dark'?

If you can spare me 1 hour and 47 minutes I will finally answer your most pressing questions on Blogs and RSS.

Because that's exactly how long my recent 'client-only' webcast called, "Blogs and RSS Revealed" is. When you listen to it all the 'technical' fog will be lifted and you'll be able to look at blogs and RSS with a crystal clear understanding.

What's more you'll be able to profit from your new found knowledge almost immediately.

Here's just some of the answers I revealed...

  • How to quickly get a blog up and running in 3 easy steps even if you don't own a website!
  • The top 5 reasons a blog out-performs a traditional website and how you can take advantage of them.
  • 10 surefire ways to drive hordes of traffic to your blog!
  • How to finally 'get' what RSS means for your marketing once and for all..
  • Discover how to make money from your blog today!
  • The no hassle way to adding a blog to an existing website to boost traffic and sales.
  • A quick guide to effective niche blogging!
  • When you should 'ping' your blog for maximum traffic benefit and why.
  • How RSS and Blogs relate to getting joint ventures with large list owners!
  • Hosting your own blog Versus using a free service - the pros and cons.
  • List building and ezine publishing with blogs and RSS!
  • Where to find a FREE newsreader to read your RSS feeds.

The problem with so many information products these days is they're written from the point of view of the author and NOT on the pressing questions of the customer!

No wonder so many of them are flat out useless!

Especially when it comes to anything 'technical' like blogs and RSS.

That's why you need an expert who answers your kind of questions, cut's out all the fluff and jargon and gives it to you straight in an easy to understand way!

Here's What You'll Get...

  • The audio package consists of 33 detailed answers to your most pressing questions on blogs and RSS. It's presented on digitally enhanced Audio MP3.
  • A grand total of 1 hour and 47 minutes of expert answers, advice and recommendations so you can finally use the power of blogs and RSS yourself.
  • The questions and answers are arranged in easy-to-manage chunks so you can quickly find what part of the presentation you'd like to listen to or review.
  • A complete ebook, listening all the questions and answers. NOTE: The ebook and audio are not the same - please review them both to gain maximum advantage!

Bonus #12: Ad Track Pro PHP Script

How Your New Ad Tracker Will Save You Massive Amounts Of Profit & Time, Increase Sales & Ad Responses, And Grow Your Business For You Exponentially!

With your permission, I'd like you to answer a question for me. You see, there is one question that plagues just about every 'net marketer doing business online.

Well, let me get straight to the point.

Answer this; What does it take to really succeed with an online business? Do you know the answer? If I told you that I have the answer, and that I have solid proof to back it up, would you believe me?

In just a minute, I will be unveiling the answer and how you can solve the problem! Instantly and easily, creating surges of easy cash, cold hard cash for yourself, your family and whatever else you may need.

When Millions Were Actually THROWN IN THE GUTTER!

Let me tell you how 4 Internet marketers, just like you- lost millions of dollars by not employing the correct answer to the question above.

These 4 marketers did "almost" every thing right. They created and sold their own products, ran their own affiliate programs, bought courses and e-books to educate themselves with new profit strategies, worked hard at generating traffic, just like you do- right now.

But one element of their marketing plan was missing, and as it turns out, this one element is the breakthrough that literally skyrocketed their income as soon as they employed it.

So what is the answer to that question? It isn't about writing ad copy, getting traffic, creating products, or building a list, the key- the one specific money-making key to Internet marketing is the ability to measure and effective test all avenues of your online cashflow without spending much time.

Let the truth be known; Marketing is a numbers game! It's been said before. And it's the truth. Plain and simple.

If you have the ability to test and measure the results quickly and easily, then you and anybody can become a marketing genius! And that is the real key to raking in trash bags of cash!

What you need to do this is....

  • Something that is automated, easy to use, and virtually hands-free!
  • Something that lets you track, measure, and analyze the "numbers" of your marketing campaigns!
  • Something that will tell you where your business is losing money, and what to improve upon!
  • Something that will forever help you to increase your income every second of every day!

That "something" has never existed before... until now!

Ad Tracking Pro is a new unparalleled web statistics/ad management/scientific testing system designed specifically to continually boost and downright explode your business.

This isn't some basic "ad tracker" or "service" that confuses you and wastes your time, this is a complete solution that will stick by your side and speed up the rate at which your business grows!

With it, you will be able to test, measure and analyze all marketing campaigns and easily increase cashflow. Without it, you risk floundering like a fish out of water, losing money on your marketing efforts and wasting precious amounts of "profit time"!

Ad Tracking Pro will soon become your best friend, enabling you to shoot past current competition and free up time wasting tasks that are only holding you back.

Let's get right down to what Ad Tracking Pro has to offer!

The Statistics Helm (With Campaign Control Technology!)

The Statistics Helm is specifically tailored to help make marketing your business an easy game. Add a simple JavaScript to any or all of your web pages and you instantly empower yourself with the ability to track anything and everything that comes your way!

It tracks unique visitors, total visitors, referring URLs, time and date (down to the second), search engines keywords, you name it!

Not only that, but with it's Campaign Control Technology, you can create ad campaigns to use without having to use a 3rd party URL. For instance, add a little code to the end of your URL like: http://www.yoursite.com/yourpage.html?tid=ad and you can track unlimited ad campaigns without the hassles of using another domain name.

Simple, brilliant and very effective!

The Ad Amplifier

Need to track visitors going to external links like affiliate programs, joint ventures, etc..? Use your ad campaign trackers with OUR URL instead of yours like above. Just tack your tracker ID to the end of our specialized URL, and now you can track external links. It looks like this: http://trackerzap.com/member/link.php?tid=ID

These trackers are designed to make it completely hands free for you. It will automatically create your web site's marketing numbers for you. Spitting out such statistics as: Unique visitors, total visitors, visitors to sales ratios, cost per click, cost per sale, referring URLs, time and date of each visitor, and more...

With this, you can stop wasting time and money on ineffective marketing campaigns and start utilizing the power of the numbers came to your advantage!

The Action Gauge

Did I forget? This system also tracks web site sales and actions performed by your visitors! Need to know which ads are also producing sales? No problem! Need to know which marketing campaigns are producing ezine subscribers? No problem!

The Action Gauge is fully integrated with the statistics program giving you a full grasp at what is going on with your web site. Never miss or guess again!

The Scientific Split-Tester

When using the Ad Amplifier, you will have the ability to "split" the traffic that goes through your tracking URL to two different web sites. Why is this important? Imagine the power that you will have if you could perform scientifically accurate marketing tests with ease to see what works and what doesn't.

Once you find out what works, drop the losers and explode your income! This is what separates the 6 and 7 figure earners from the penny pinchers. Testing is by far the easiest way to constantly produce more cash, day after day, then you ever thought possible.

Do it the easy way with Ad Tracking Pro!

Forget About Wasting Time, Losing Money, And Running An Unprofitable Business!

You have seen what Ad Tracking Pro can do for you. A fully integrated, unparalleled set of "mission critical" marketing tools to help you outperform and outmaneuver anybody who dares to call you their competitor.

But now let me give you a real life case study about how using this system has enormously, yet easily (I feel guilty because it was so easy) boosted my business.

Before I started tracking my visitors and testing different ideas, I was stuck in a rut. No matter what I did, I could not get out of a certain income bracket. I was stuck on that squeaky wheel, going round and round in circles looking for that brass ring. I launched new products, promoted more affiliate programs, it didn't matter, my income never really increased.

Then I got it together, implemented the principles and technology of Ad Tracking Pro, began tested and was amazed. All that time I wasted trying to make more money and all I had to do was begin tracking and seeing what really goes on at my web site.

I found out which ads were producing, which sales letters were actually making the sales, where to spend my money for more customers, where not to spend money and so on..

It was the breakthrough that I had been blinded from and one that I had been desperately in search of. Now, my income increases every month, while I work less! Amazing!!

I am positive that you too will have the same experience..

With Ad Tracking Pro at your fingertips, you will be able to:

  • Easily track, measure, and analyze all traffic and sales with the click of a button.
  • Scientifically test sales letters to immediately increase conversion ratios and boost cashflow.
  • Save time and money by making your marketing campaigns twice as effective instantly after implementing Ad Tracking Pro.
  • Eliminate all guess work! Simplify your advertising efforts and know from the start which ads are working and which aren't by using our Campaign Control Technology!
  • Plug it in to any web site that you own and anything you promote to track and measure every marketing campaign that you are involved in. No scripts to install!
  • Automate all aspects of your "marketing numbers" and save massive amounts of profit time.
  • Let Ad Tracking Pro do the grunt work for you!

This system is fully integrated, incredibly user friendly and has real useable features that you won't find anywhere else.

Are Your Ready To Amplify Your Web Site's Profitability?

Don't sit around waiting for something magical to happen with your income. Take action today and put Ad Tracking Pro system to work for you!

I'm not going to try to sell you a membership that you pay a recurring $20 a month for- while I used to make a lot of money selling thousands of memberships to this service I frankly just don't have the time any more as I have moved on to a new project!

So here's the deal!

For a limited time and for only the next 250 people that order, you will not only be getting the right to use this incredible resource for yourself...

I am going to give you the actual source files for this product!

That means you can install it on your server and never pay another monthly fee for your ad tracking!

What's more, you will also have the ability to use this script to run your own Ad Tracking service selling subscriptions to others for $ 10, $ 20, even $30 a month. Its your baby you set the prices as you wish!

The only thing you can not do is sell the actual source files to anyone else, as this option is only included in our reprint rights package click here for details on that!

Nowhere will you find such a powerful system for pennies on the dollar of what I paid to create it like Ad Tracking Pro ! Take action right now!

You Are Getting A Basic Ad Tracking Business In A Box!

"Attention Frustrated Newbies: Are You Looking For An Easy To Use, No BS, Step-By-Step System That Will Teach You With Easy To Follow Videos How To Create Multiple Streams Of Profits With Three Page Website?"

Bonus #13: One Time Offer in a Box by Liz Tomey

A few years ago, the one-time-offer was born to Internet marketing. Is it a new tactic? No, not at all, but it has been molded into something that works in the Internet marketing niche, and I want to show you how to make it work for you!

You hear everyone preaching not to market to other marketers, and that the death of Internet marketing is coming. I don't totally disagree with that, but I know I don't agree with it either. You can still make good money in the Internet marketing niche, you just have to do it in a different way, and it starts by creating your first stream of income. Once you got one stream of income, you can go on to develop more streams that will equal a very nice income.

What I'm about to offer you is one of those things that can give you one stream of income right now, and if you multiply it by doing it over and over, you can have multiple streams of income coming in...

The One Time Offer In A Box Product Will Give You That One Stream Of Multiple Income That You Can Repeat Over And Over Again To Get Multiple Streams Of Income!

It starts with one technique to get the ball rolling for you. By getting your hands on "The One Time Offer In A Box" package, you can get the ball rolling for yourself...

Here's Exactly What's Inside "The One Time Offer In A Box" Package....

  1. A quick start guide that shows you exactly what you'll be doing and the resources you'll need.
  2. Templates that allow you to get up and running quickly and easily.
  3. Step-by-step videos that show you how to edit the templates and upload them to your site.
  4. Two surprise bonuses that will teach you all about squeeze pages, and the powerful tactics of one time offers.
  5. TRAFFIC!! Get instant access to a never ending resource of traffic techniques!

Take action today and grab "The One Time Offer In A Box" package so that you can take the steps you need to break into the Internet marketing niche and start profiting today...

Here's Everything You Get With the Sales Page Tactics Complete Series...

  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 1 PDF e-book: 102 pages and 19 chapters... telling you in detail how to make a few simple changes to your sales letter by adding in these PHP scripts.
  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 1 Scripts: 16 plug and play READY TO GO scripts that you can plug into your web sites to improve your conversion rates in just a few minutes.
  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 1 Videos: 16 easy to watch videos that show, step by step, how to install the scripts and use them on your site -- over an hour of training total.
  • Bonus... The Basics of Web Copywriting: Find out how to churn out effective copy and appeal to your target audience effectively the FIRST TIME they visit your website!
  • Bonus... Internet Marketing Head Start: Five volumes of audio files teaching you the closely-guarded secrets about co-op advertising, resale rights, list building, and more.
  • Bonus... High Response Sales Letters: Avoid the usual copy newbie mistakes and create a sales letter step by step in just 25 minutes.
  • Bonus... Maximum Conversion Rate Tactics: Quick ways to boost your conversion rate, avoid common mistakes, and dive right into testing and tracking.
  • Bonus... 22 Hot Buttons: Get precise instructions how to push on the psychological emotional triggers that have been built into all humans since the dawn of civilization... leverage those emotional buttons to supercharge your sales copy and get more sales!
  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 2 PDF e-book: 118 pages and 17 chapters... loaded with action packed conversion-boosting scripts to add to your sales letter: lightboxes, unblockable popups, tabbed sales letters, namesqueeze pages, and more.
  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 2 Scripts: 17 plug and play READY TO GO scripts that you can plug into your web sites to improve your conversion rates in just a few minutes.
  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 2 Videos: 17 easy to watch videos that show, step by step, how to install the scripts and use them on your site -- over an hour of training total.
  • Bonus... Jon Leger's Preselling Secrets: The guy who created the wildly popular $7 Secrets system shows you his step-by-step formula for achieving stellar affiliate profits.
  • Bonus... Ewen Chia's Website Conversion Secrets: The incredible guide showing you how to make your web site sell like crazy. Get the sale and make real money.
  • Bonus... Triple Your Conversions Instantly: Maximize sales conversions and skyrocket your profits with these ultra-specific conversion-boosting strategies that aren't available elsewhere.
  • Bonus... Angela Booth's Web Copywriting Profits: Write your own copy so you can double, and triple your income from your online ventures. Do more and make more.
  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 3 PDF e-book: 130 pages and 21 chapters... run dimesales, one time offers and limited quantity offers. Give affiliates subdomain URLs, rotate ANY kind of content, even create unique RARE rolldown and onbeforeunload popups.
  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 3 Scripts: 17 plug and play READY TO GO scripts that you can plug into your web sites to improve your conversion rates in just a few minutes.
  • Sales Page Tactics Volume 3 Videos: 17 easy to watch videos that show, step by step, how to install the scripts and use them on your site -- over FIVE HOURS of training total.
  • Bonus... Sales Overload by Terry Telford: Check out this home study mini course to actually take all this knowledge and apply it to your internet marketing -- plug in this exact formula in 30 days or less.
  • Bonus... Blogs and RSS Revealed by Brandon Hong: Get the answers to RSS and blogs you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask... in AUDIO format so you can listen in your car.
  • Bonus... Ad Track Pro PHP Script: Scientifically split test your offers so you can experience huge increases in conversion rates (and profits) from tiny, easy changes to your web site.
  • Bonus... One Time Offer in a Box: A quick start guide, videos, and templates to create perfect one time offers to get your prospects itching to buy your product.

In case you weren't counting, that's 51 scripts, 10 hours of PHP and marketing training, 13 bonuses and a total download size of 482 megabytes.

Don't wait one more second to bring your sales page into the 21st century.

Click on the PayPal button below right now and download your Sales Page Tactics Complete Package...

Disc 4: Full Blast PHP

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Disc 5: Guerilla PHP

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Disc 6: Affiliate BattlePlan

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Disc 7: WordPress on Crack

"With Web Scripts This Easy, Who Needs a Programmer?"

Write PHP Scripts That Drop Into Any WordPress Blog, with Zero Installation Issues and Zero Customer Support Requests... Possible?

You Betcha! New Tutorial Series Shows You Exactly How to Make Your Own Simple, Amazing WordPress Plugins... Bonus Videos Make It Impossible to Fail!

Do you want to make money from scripts that are easier than heck to install and capitalize on a growing but largely untapped niche?

Then you NEED to check out these videos so you can write WordPress plugins in PHP... they're SO easy.

If you haven't heard of the WordPress blogging software, then that rock you've been living under for the past five years has got to be on a remote desert island without an Internet connection or any human contact whatsoever.

WordPress is a script that allows you to setup a blog on your sites. Once you've setup that blog, you can announce new products, post articles and discuss any topic you want (including yourself). Your web site visitors can leave comments and build up your site for you without any work on your part.

What it comes down to is: if you don't have a blog yet, you have fallen miles behind your competitors.

Want to post a new journal entry to your site?
Click a couple links... and you're done!

Okay, so I'm assuming you have a blog on your site. After all, with most control panels... you can install it with a single click... I'm not kidding.

I recommend that you have a WordPress blog because it's the most popular. Don't expect ANY other software to replace WordPress as the leader for web logging any time soon.

So you have a blog setup and you're posting entries... then what?

You can add a number of free and paid WordPress plugins that do everything from optimize your blog for search engines, add pop-ups, cut down on comment spam, manage ads... the sky is the limit.

Guess What... It's Possible to Write Your OWN WordPress Plugins In No Time At All!

If You Have A Crazy Idea On How To Make a
Wordpress Blog "Just A Little Bit Better" ...

You Can Write A Simple Script To Do So, That's Easier To Make Than 99% Of The PHP Scripts You'll Ever Create.

WordPress allows you to write PHP scripts in such a way that it "hooks" into the WordPress blogging software to make anything you thought possible.

There are plugins that...

  • Generate a Google sitemap listing of your site so you can be sure every single page on your blog gets indexed.
  • Automatically backup your WordPress database... so you don't have to worry about any lost files.
  • Allow your blog visitors to subscribe to comments to a particular post via email, so they get notified when new posts are made.

I could literally continue on all day... because there are THOUSANDS of amazing WordPress plugins out there. Now you can create your OWN plugin and either sell it to make big bucks or give it away to achieve big popularity.

American PHP Programmer Buys His Own Script Back from a British Millionaire!

Here Is An Embarrassing Story That, Up In Until Now, I Have Only Shared With My Closest Friends.

I'm a programmer and I have a blast coding up quick and easy PHP scripts to improve the conversion rates on my sales letters. Better conversion rates = more buyers = more money. I have even MORE fun showing people how to do the same.

I'll admit it... most people have ideas that are way cooler than anything I could think of on my own. And I'm happy to teach it to them!

Here's where that habit becomes embarrassing, however. I wrote a PHP book some time ago that contained 7 PHP scripts, PDF how-to documentation and a video for each script showing how it was made and how to implement it on a site... still with me here?

I offered this book to my existing customers at a low price... that quickly escalated with each sale. A previous customer of mine, John Taylor, was able to snag the book for the incredible price of three dollars (the price is now $39.95).

There were seven scripts in the book but John only had his eye on one... a reverse squeeze page plugin. Without going into details, it's a script that you can use to build a mailing list using any content site.

John took the script to a freelancer job site and posted a job saying, "I will give you 200 bucks if you can take this script, and turn it into a WordPress plugin."

Done deal. The job was done after a couple of days and John setup a site to sell the plugin. He priced it at $14.97 and made $1000 in a weekend.

Think about that return on investment... $3 to get the script from me, plus $200 to pay a programmer to change the script into a plugin. Total investment: $203. He made five times his money back from about half an hour of work.

That was JUST for the initial launch. John continued to receive many $14.95 payments over and over.

But the story still doesn't end there. Eventually John got bored and decided to sell resale rights to some of his products. He bundled five products together (the Reverse Squeeze WordPress Plugin included), priced it at $117 and limited the offer to 13 copies.

Guess what... they sold out in another weekend. $1500 in John's pocket, that's $2500 from a $203 investment, not even counting incidental sales.

Here's where it gets embarrassing. I was one of his resale rights buyers... but the only one of his products *I* was interested in... was the reverse squeeze page plugin!

How's That For Some Role Reversal?

Not only did John enjoy his 1203% return on investment, he couldn't stop laughing at the fact that he bought a script from me for 3 dollars... turned it into a WordPress plugin... and then SOLD the freaking thing back to me for $117!

He Even Called Me Up on the Phone to Gloat!

The ironic thing is, I was happy to buy that script back for $117. You see, the WordPress plugin is the internet marketer and PHP programmer's collective wet dream. When you code a PHP script as a WordPress plugin...

  • All the database setup issues...
  • All the weird file issues (chmoding, creating folders)...
  • All the file editing issues...
  • As a result, all of the time consuming customer support issues...


When you create a WordPress plugin, all you need to tell people is: upload this file into your WordPress folder, and you're done.

From that point on your customers simply login to WordPress and click on stuff to make any customizations.

Thanks to WordPress plugins, we have four winners in this story:

  • John, who had a good idea and flipped a script to make some easy money.
  • Me, who saw someone make one of my scripts even BETTER... so much better I was willing to pay top dollar for it.
  • Our Customers, who can get these plugins working with no problems... and as a result don't have to bother either one of us with customer support requests.
  • Finally, you have that freelance programmer, who earned $200 for 10 minutes of work.

Your Worpress On Crack guide is excellent. Wordpress plugins have been something of a mystery to me and now, following your clear instructions, I've created my own!

Your plugin #3 is worth the cost of the guide on its own. Great job.

John Taylor

Are You In That List of Winners?

Maybe you're a programmer and you've noticed that specialists get more business and more money for their work.

Think about it... if you're trying to get a divorce, you go to a divorce attorney, not a general attorney. If you get cancer and need to see a doctor, you'd rather see a radiologist than a general practitioner.

If you specialize in WordPress plugins, you can be that guy who gets $200 for ten minutes of work... instead of the guy who gets $200 for a week of work. Finally you can get paid for your INTELLIGENCE instead of for your UNSKILLED LABOR. Someone comes to you with an idea, you spend a few minutes throwing together the WordPress plugin, and you collect your money.

Maybe you're not a full-blown programmer, you're a smart marketer like my friend John and you want to make a WordPress plugin. You might not be an expert in PHP, but you know enough to make a few simple WordPress enhancements.

You use these plugins to build up a mailing list (require an e-mail for the download). Maybe even throw in a "powered by" link in your plugins so that anyone who uses your plugin sends traffic right back to your site.

Let's assume that you don't even have the ambition to work on your own WordPress plugin -- even though it's dead easy -- you'll at least pick up the skills to make small changes to your existing plugins to get them to do what you want.

"I'm Ready to Create Some Simple WordPress Plugins... Where Do I Start?"

I'm glad you asked that question because, after John Taylor made a huge profit from my mistake, I decided it was time to learn the ins and outs of WordPress plugins.

I was ready to spend weeks or months picking up this skill... but to my surprise, I figured it all out in just a few days.

After creating dozens and dozens of WordPress plugins for fun, I create a video tutorial series that will show you how everything you need to know about WordPress plugins... in just a couple hours!

In fact, you'll bang out your very first plugin in just a couple of minutes. I'll show you how easy it is to connect ONE LINE OF code to your WordPress posts and change the way your blog entries appear. We'll create a second WordPress blog to test out our plugins... NOTHING is left out. You see everything I see.

We'll make some quick scripts to measure the load times of your blog so you can experiment with caching, themes, and plugins to see how you can speed things up.

You'll see how you can personalize your blog posts -- AND your RSS feeds -- with just a couple lines of code. You really have to see it to believe it... WordPress plugins are amazingly simple, much simpler than standalone PHP scripts.

I'll show you how to put an opt-in form or AdSense ads directly in your blog posts... while still only showing a limited number of them per page.

Get ready to be blown away as I show you an automatic way to send e-mails out FROM your WordPress blog every time you post an entry. Use it to broadcast blog announcements to a mailing list or even syndicate content onto hundreds of other blogs.

I Can't Even Calculate How Much Time Something Like That Would Save You In The Long Run!

That's not even the tip of the iceberg. How about some easy code to send an e-mail to your blog commenters, letting them know their comment is approved... thanking them for their time effort, encouraging them to come back and continue the discussion...

Do you have any idea how much that would increase discussion on your blogs? Without ANY additional work on your part?

Here comes the cherry on top... were you aware that it's possible to keep a record of every search someone makes on your WordPress blog?

Take a second to let this fact sink in... and think about what this means. You can look at a range of dates and figure out what people are searching for. How many people are searching for it... and more importantly... how many search results they get.

The next time you're stuck about what to write about next... or where your next $47 will come from... just login to your WordPress Dashboard and view the settings page for this plugin.

You can find out what content your EXISTING traffic is hungry for... without running any kind of surveys, paid traffic, special offers, or any other marketing tactic. You just click on a page and it's there!

The easy way to open and close an entire blog with just one click. (Want to build up a blog in anticipation of a product launch or close it when you go on vacation?)

I really did save the best for last. I'll even show you how you can use your blog to build a list for a nice repeatable monthly income... so many bloggers fall short on this one.

Find out how to place a squeeze page on the front page of your site... politely asking for a name and e-mail address in exchange for your valuable content.

For the aggressive marketers out there, quickly engineer a reverse squeeze page so that you show a set number of blog pages, then ask for a name and e-mail address after you've whet their appetite.

That's eleven plugins total, 7 videos, 52 page PDF e-book, all source code to the plugins included.

FREE Instant Bonus #1: Complete Video Tutorials

Five hours of video material included.

I'm just like you and I understand that if you wanted to learn stuff out of some boring BOOK, you'd still be in school.

For that reason, I've recorded videos showing how I create WordPress plugins from SCRATCH... step by step. Nothing is left out.

There is no bookwork here. There is no "either you know it or you don't." There is no "you SORT OF know" how to write WordPress plugins.

You watch these videos and you follow along, and you will know how to make your own WordPress plugins. It's that simple.

Each video runs about 45 minutes. You can watch them any time on your computer, even if you aren't connected to the Internet. You can watch them as many times as you want and rewind if something doesn't make sense, or fast forward if you want to skip ahead.

Value: $97.00

"I Don't Even Know Enough About WordPress Yet To Begin Writing Plugins!"

Don't worry. We were all WordPress newbies at one point, even me.

Fortunately, you have the chance to avoid most of the mistakes the rest of us made because... you get everything spilled out for you in video!

FREE Instant Bonus #2: Techie Howto WordPress

Wordpress is a free blog software that lets you create content dynamically while improving your overall website visibility. You will be able to treat it like a web journal, where all you do is enter your text, submit, and your website is updated immediately.

Perfect for offering tutorials, stories, site updates or entertainment.

With this video series you will learn how to:

  • Install Your Blog
  • Set-Up A New Theme/Style
  • Add & Edit Content
  • Add Code To Generate Adsense Revenue
  • Turn Your Blog Into A Recurring Membership Center

Price if bought separately: $27.00

Maybe you aren't even writing WordPress plugins to sell... maybe you just want to use them on your site to bring in more readers, subscribers, and sales. That's okay!

If Your WordPress Blog Isn't Optimized, You are Missing Out on a HUGE Opportunity...

Shockingly, Less Than 10% of Blogs Are Optimized!

Optimizing your blog really isn't that hard, but you do need to know what to do.

FREE 7-Day Bonus #3: SEO for WordPress Secrets

You've probably heard that having a blog is one of the smartest things you can do online to get traffic, but did you know that most people don't even have a clue as to what "good SEO" is?

So what is the secret to being successful?

Spending the time to optimize your blog for the search engines of course!

Introducing SEO for WordPress Secrets: The Video Series

Don't be intimidated by the word "SEO", it really isn't as hard as it sounds. In fact my videos make optimizing your blog as simple as tying your shoes!

So here's the catch:

WordPress, though it is a fantastic piece of software, is NOT optimized by default.

Would you rather spend the next several months studying SEO and trying to figure out how to apply it to your blog, or would you prefer a faster method?

There is a right way and a wrong way to SEO your WordPress blog. I don't want to see you wasting your time doing things the wrong way, that is why I created this video training series.

This Video Series Features:

  • A Collection of 21 Professionally Recorded Videos: This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about optimizing your WordPress blog for the search engines.
  • The Importance of SEO: Before you start applying SEO to your WordPress blog, you need to understand why it is so important.
  • The Power of Keyword Research: If you aren't creating posts that are focused on specific keywords, you are literally taking a stab in the dark at achieving natural search engine rankings. Let me show you how to perform effective keyword research.
  • What Plugins You Need to Make Optimization a Cakewalk: There are a ton of free plugins out there that make SEO a breeze. I will show you the best one's that you'll need, and how they operate.
  • How to Create an "Optimized Post": I will take you step-by-step through creating an optimized post from the ground up.
  • How to Deal with URL Canonization: I will show you how to fix a fatal flaw in WordPress that can actually dillute your natural search engine rankings if you don't take action now.
  • How to Setup an Effective Navigation Structure: Learn how to structure your blog to make it easy for the search engines to understand exactly what you are offering.
  • How to Encourage Visitor Interaction: Engaging your blog audience is very important. I will show you (along with the help of some excellent plugins) how to do this effectively.
  • How to Harness the Power of Social Networks: Social networks are becoming increasingly important. Learn how to use them to propel your blog to new heights.

SEO for WordPress Secrets will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to make your blog better than 90% of the others out there. It's really that simple.

Easily Deploy a Fully Search Engine Optimized WordPress Blog That Drives Tons Of Targeted Traffic
To Your Niche Sites...

Without Spending A Dime On Advertising!

If you've bought any of my other PHP products, you know that I do everything possible to make sure you succeed.

That's why I'm throwing in these extra videos to optimize your WordPress blog for search engines. Why would you pay for advertising when you can get it for free from the search engines, with your blog at the top of the search results?

It's no secret that the big search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN love blogs so why not close your AdWords account forever. You won't need it.

Instead, follow these simple videos to get the SEO and sitemap plugins setup, fix your linking structure, choose the correct theme and more to ensure your blog brings in more traffic than you can handle.

FREE 14-Day Bonus #4: Install SEO WordPress

When I first started blogging for cash I didn't know how to optimize my wordpress blog for seach engines. I would just use the out-of-the-box installation and start making posts without doing any kind of optimization. My first blogs would never get the traffic I was going after, and I was always wondering what in the heck was I doing wrong?

I used to look up in Google some cool high traffic blogs and could never figure out how others did it. I wanted to know what was the magic formula to get my blogs ranked high in search engines.

After a while I realized that my blogs were nowhere near optimized as good as some of those authority blogs, that I have seen on the front page of Google for hundreds of keywords. They had better in-depth linking structure, meta tags, more pages, and Google would index their pages almost instantly!

I wanted to be able to build those authority blogs that would drive more highly targeted traffic to my sites so I could make more money.

I started researching and experimenting different wordpress plugins, blog set ups, and coding. With time my blogs started to pull more and more traffic, and I was able to make more money each and every month.

I finally cracked the wordpress code and found the magic formula I needed to get my blogs on top of the search engine rankings, and get more traffic.

I started building blogs that Google would index much faster, and every time I would make a post it would appear in the serps almost instantly. My traffic stats exploded and my niche sites started to produce more income.

To help some other folks out there, I decided to create cool step by step videos that you can watch and follow to install your own high traffic niche blogs. I have produced 7 Camtasia videos that you download or watch online.

Let's go over each one of them...

  • Video #1 - Install Wordpress Part 1: I am going to take you step by step through the entire process of setting up MYSQL database and configuration settings. Installing Wordpress is very easy, but there are still folks out there that are having trouble with it. Video 1 & 2 will have your blog installed in less than 15 minutes.
  • Video #2 - Install Wordpress - Part 2: I am going to show you how to upload all the files on your server and proceed with the installation process. I am also going to go over some post-installation settings that need to be done before any further modifications.
  • Video #3 - Theme Settings & SEO Plugin Installation: Here you are going to find out how to set up your blog for maximum seo benefit and how to install the SEO plugin on your Wordpress. I am also going to show you how to make your wordpress ping Weblogs and what services you should include.
  • Video #4 - Customizing The SEO Plugin: This video is going to take you over some of the options and settings that you need to customize for your blog.
  • Video #5 - Installing Google Sitemap Plugin And Optimizing It: In this video I am going to show you where to find and how to install the Google Sitemap plugin on your blog. I am also going to go over some cool optimization tips of the plugin.
  • Video #6 - Installing Related Posts Plugin & Customizing It: You are going to find out where to download the plugin for free and how to install it in less then 5 minutes. This video will show you how to set up better in-depth linking structure on your blog.
  • Video #7 - Installing A Killer Plugin That Will Allow You To Generate More Pages On Your Blog: This video is going to reveal an awesome plugin that is going to have a huge impact on your blog's performance. I will go over the installation process and customization.

Price if bought separately: $27.00

I'll check in with you a month after your purchase and make sure you are using your blog to its full potential.

10 Advanced Wordpress Videos That Will Drive Traffic, Make You More Money and Have a Better Looking Site

...And of Course Help You Make A Lot More Money

You have it all setup, you have content, you've chosen a theme, you have all the right plugins and the blog is optimized for search engines.

Heck, you even know enough to tweak some of the existing plugins or write your own from scratch.

Now it's time to take the next step with your blog and turn it into a real content management system, post from your desktop, play with the colors and graphics...

FREE 30-Day Bonus #5: Advanced WordPress

Blog popularity is due in large part to blogs' simplicity. Hosting companies have made setting up a personal site easy. Every one on the Internet—no mater what level of technical proficiency—is capable of setting up a blog.

But what if you’re a little further along in the blog experience and are ready for a change? The more advanced steps are usually so technical and most people want to know how do I do it, not why.

As a trainer of wordpress we hear comments like this everyday...

  • How do I change the link colors?
  • I want to put a different graphic in my header!
  • How can I play with the CSS code without a huge learning curve?
  • Can I post to my blog from my desktop?
  • How can I set up Wordpress as a CMS site?

Well now all these and more are answered on 10 short 10 minute videos covering most of the different aspects that are usually answered with lots of technical jargon.

Watch over the shoulder of a professional Wordpress Blogger as he shows you exactly how to do some of the more advanced techniques. No technical jargon, no hype just good old how to training videos.

  • Changing a header graphic
  • Playing with CSS Style Sheets
  • Inserting code and scripts
  • Content Management CMS
  • Auto Blogging and Content
  • Graphics and logins
  • Desktop Blogging
  • RSS uses and stats
  • 404 pages -- Customize your error pages!
  • Widgets
  • Resources and summary

All videos are downloadable and a free viewer is provided so you can watch the tutorials any time whether your online or not.

Wordpress is not just blogging software any more but a complete website management tool that can allow anyone to create an attractive website.

With just a little extra knowledge you can make your average wordpress site into the professional web site that draws in customers, prospects and makes you look like a true professional. These tutorials are to give you the confidence to have a go.

Price if Bought Separately: $29.95

Are You Finally Ready For Me To Expose The Easy Ways To Script Wordpress Plugins And Improve Your Blog, Quickly Create Products, Make More Money As A Freelancer, Or All Of The Above?

If I just sold one of these 11 WordPress plugins as its own product, I could price it in the $17 to $27 range. Many Internet marketers who are just now hopping on the WordPress plugin bandwagon are doing just that.

Nevermind the detailed instructions on how they are made, plus the videos...

Here are all the plugins you get. Remember you can either use them as-is, or tweak them to do whatever you want...

  • Change It Plugin: Perform an easy search-and-replace on all your blog posts with just 3 lines of code... get your first WordPress plugin LIVE in just a couple of minutes.
  • Load Timer Plugin: Find out how fast your WordPress pages load so you can disable slow plugins and tweak your blog for search engine accuracy... the SERPs reward quick-loading pages, and penalize slow ones.
  • Opt-In Booster Plugin: Stick an opt-in form right into the middle of your blog posts so your visitors will actually see them... and control how many times it's shown! Do the same with AdSense ads... want to mix ads with your blog content, but only want to do so with the first 2 or 3 posts? No problem.

    Best of all, you can tack on an admin page so if you sell this script, your buyers can customize it (i.e. only show the ads on their first visit) just by clicking around in the WordPress control panel... if that's not dead-easy then I don't know what is.
  • Hide This Plugin: Add extra notes before, after, or in the middle of your WordPress posts -- unfinished paragraphs, ideas for future posts... any additional hidden content you want!
  • Word Count Plugin: Display the number of words in all blog posts so people using your posts as ads or running them on their own blogs for syndication know how long the article is. Hint... use this plugin to add a resource box to your blog posts to make them go viral.
  • Web Site Personalizer Plugin: Customize your blog posts so they plug your newsletter subscriber's or your blog commenter's FIRST NAME into all posts. Get them to sit up and take notice to everything you have to say. This also works with RSS feeds!
  • E-Mail Announcer Plugin: Notify other moderators, your friends, or other blogs (with "post-to-blog" enabled) that you have made a new blog post. Forget about manually sending e-mail messages or putting in tons of work to get traffic every time you make a new post.
  • Search Tracker Plugin: Find out exactly what your readers are searching for... PLUS how many results they get with each search, so you know what information they're hungry for and what should write about next. Don't trust surveys. Blog about what your visitors WANT to read, not what they tell you they want to read.
  • Site Closed: Close your blog down with one click if you're doing maintenance, hyping up for a launch or going on vacation... without touching any of the existing content.
  • Squeeze Page Plugin: Are you using your blog to build a mailing list? If not, you have repeat visitors going out the window every single day. Ask for an e-mail address when someone first visits your blog in a way that's not annoying and only asks them once.
  • Reverse Squeeze Page Plugin: The perfect improvement on a squeeze page that's the perfect fit for any blog. Give away a set number of content pages before asking for an e-mail address. This ensures your list building efforts don't affect your traffic, and that you'll get your most active readers on a mailing list for updates. The next time you make a blog post... all you have to do is send out a mailing and they will come RUNNING to leave comments.

I create every single one of these plugins from scratch -- before your very eyes -- on VIDEO where you look over my shoulder.

You can use these plugins out of the box, or watch what I do and use this information to code your own plugins.

If you total up all the bonuses I've listed in the sales letter, that comes to $180.95 if you've bought them separately. Add that to my initial estimate of $17 per plugin... $17 times 11 plugins equals $187.00.

$187 plus $180.95 for the bonuses... equals a total value of $367.95.

Coincidentally, that's around the price range you'd pay to have a simple WordPress plugin created on a freelance job site.

That's a huge bargain even at that price, considering this package shows you how to make your own WordPress plugins that do anything you want... and shows you with pinpoint accuracy how to customize your blog themes, graphics, and plugins to do whatever you want... and save you boatloads of lost time, money, and aggravation in the process.

Let's say I was feeling extremely generous and decided to slice the cost of this package in half... that would come out to be... $183.97.

Because I want this information to be available even to those with low budgets, I'm going to set the retail price of this product to $97. That's a 75 percent discount!

  • If you know how to copy and paste... you really can create your own WordPress plugins.
  • If you can understand spoken English at higher than a 2nd grade level... you really can create your own WordPress plugins.
  • If you know how to watch a TV screen... you really can create your own WordPress plugins!

Robert Plank, PHP Programmer, BS CompSci

What are you waiting for? Every second you don't order WordPress on Crack is one more second you don't have a WordPress plugin to call your own.

Total Value: $367.95
Recommended Price: 183.97
Your Price: $97.00

Disc 8: PHP Booster

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What a Concept... Web-Based PHP Scripts for Your Web Site That Were Made to Convert!

"Ok Robert, I Want It All!"

A Lifetime of Premium "Ahead of the Curve" PHP Scripts at Your Disposal, Just Hit the Search Button!

Once again, if you missed anything in this gigantic all-in-one offer, here's a list of what you get...

Order Over our Secure Order Form!

You will login to PHP Explained within the next 5 minutes.

PHP Explained is a digital download. You will need the Adobe Flash plugin installed (free and included with most browsers), or a video player capable of playing WMV files if you want to watch the tutorial videos that go along with these scripts.

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the content immediately.

And You Risk Nothing With Our Priority Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, you have a full 60 days to decide if this membership is right for you. If for any reason you feel like the Product University videos don't return 10 times your investment, contact me and I will quietly and promptly refund every penny of your investment.

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